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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hi everyone. It has been awhile since I checked in here, and I wanted to drop in real quick today. Things are moving right along with the television season. Posts slowed down here for a bit, but that was only due to repeats airing on many of the shows I review. I have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. I'm even looking ahead at what I can do during the off season summer months. Things might slow down a bit then, but I'm sure some new programming will be offered during those months.

Starting today, I'm adding a new feature here on this site, and that is Today's Buzz. As some of you might know, I also write a daily blog over at Media Village. This blog is updated several times a day with the latest in television and movie news. Weekly updates include the latest in DVD and movie releases, how your favorite program rate against other programs and sales numbers. This with all the celebrity gossip you'd like. If they have something to do with movies or television, it is probably found on my blog. I also give further analysis of the shows I review here each week, and other shows that I don't find the time to talk about here. Every day or two I'll post a recap of what stories I've covered there, so you can catch up on the news as it hits.

This is today's buzz for 11/10 -11/11

  • Survivor fans can be happy - News on the current season and upcoming seasons of Survivor

  • Desperate Housewives actor fired - News about how one actor was recently fired from the hit ABC show.

  • New cast additions for OC & NCIS - Read all about cast additions recently made to these two popular shows

  • Cable programming news - Read about future programming for both HBO and Showtime

  • Lost, The O.C., Night Stalker and ER - Read some more about what I think of this week's Lost, OC and ER including some more theories about Shannon's murder on this week's episode.

  • Arrested Development in full arrest - Read all about the cancellation of FOX comedies Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential

  • People's Choice Nominations - Find out all about who's nominated for the People's Choice Awards set to air in the new year.

  • New Movie Releases 11/11/05 - Read all about what I think of this week's movies releases - Get Rich or die trying', Derailed and Zathura.

  • This week's Blog of the Week is Tales of the Opiated Sphera, a blog for Ophiated Sphera Media Corp. Check them out on my sidebar! If you want to be my future blog of the week, join over at Blogexplosion and bid when my blog is up open again. Starting now, a link to your blog will remain underneath the current blog of the week for a month past your week.


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