TV Review: Lost Episode 2.09

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

From ABC: Kate's original crime that started her life on the run is revealed. Meanwhile, the survivors lay one of their own to rest, Kate sleeplessly watches over a feverish Sawyer, and Mr. Eko has a surprise for Locke regarding the hatch.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

This week's episode was a bit of a departure from the events in recent episodes of Lost. This episode titled 'What Kate Did' totally focuses on Kate and her past. The hatch also plays an important part in the episode, and we have one shocking ending here that was definitely unexpected.

Early on in the episode, we learn that Kate killed her father. Appears he was abusive to her mother, and he had some sort of sick attraction towards her, but she tells the man that arrests her that he never touched her. Her mother is the one that turned her in. The marshal that was on the plane with her when it crashed picks up Kate. Once he captures her, he tries to figure out why she killed her father because she has had a perfectly spotless record up to this point.

As he keeps questioning her, he turns his focus from her for a split second, and in that moment something crosses the road in front of them. It's raining, and the car ends up going out of control, and there is a car crash. Kate is able to escape after a bit of a struggle, and we don't deal much with her past after this point. Other than a brief visit to her father, the man she thought was her father in any case, her past isn't shown much past her escape.

Her past does play a part in this episode a great deal. When Jack leaves her to attend to Shannon's funeral, Kate is in charge of both looking after Sawyer and the magic button. While alone, she is talking to him, in preparation for feeding him, and he wakes up. He is delirious it seems, and she attacks her. He demands to know why she killed him.

After a commercial break, we see Jack return to the hatch with Locke, but Kate is nowhere to be found, and the alarm is going off with moments to spare. Jack runs in to check Sawyer, finding him on the ground. Locke rushes to input the code and push the button. Once these tasks are complete, Jack goes to find Kate. We see her in the jungle, a bit dazed and confused. In the jungle she bumps into Charlie, but she doesn't stay with him long. Jack also bumps into Charlie, and he gives Jack and idea where to look.

Jack does find her, and the two talk about her leaving the hatch. She doesn't tell him much in the way of answers. However, in a surprising development, she does kiss him. After doing so, she looks even more confused, and she feels she is going crazy. She tells Sayid as much when he finds her at Shannon's grave.

Kate believes that the spirit of her dead father has taken over Sawyer's body in his current condition. She also keeps seeing a black horse on the island, and this is possibly the same horse that crossed the road the night she was first arrested. Kate does end up returning to the hatch much later in the episode, and to a sleeping Sawyer she confronts who she thinks is her dead father. In the middle of her tirade, Sawyer wakes up, and he thinks they have been rescued. He left on the raft before the discovery of the hatch. She takes him outside to show him that they are still on the island, and they both see the horse. She isn't going crazy after all.

The other half of this episode focused on the hatch. Locke shows both Eko and Michael the Dharma film, and this opens up the door to another discovery. Michael begins his own inspection of the hatch, and we learn something new. The hatch has blast doors in cast of explosion. Michael tells Locke this, and then Locke offers to show Michael the video. Eko asks to join them, and they watch the sequence we've seen before a few times.

Eko leaves silently, and returns some time later to talk to Locke. After giving Locke a bit of a history lesson, he brings out the bible the tail enders found at the other bunker. After Eko is done with his story, he hands Locke the bible. When Locke opens it, he finds another role of film inside. This film is part of the missing piece from the film they just watched. Locke splices them back together, and we see a sequence with the scientist telling them to not use the computer for communication purposes.

As soon as this is said, a beeping noise is heard from the computer. Michael is in the computer room looking at the equipment, and he investigates the noise to find someone messaging him. He engages the person in conversation, revealing his identity. And the last thing we see is … Dad? Walt is on the other end? Interesting!

Now here is my theory. The others and the children are in the third bunker we haven't seen yet. They have a similar set-up to the hatch, and they have to go through a similar drill. If one fails, some horrible thing happens. Or perhaps it is a failsafe. If one does fail, the other can prevent another incident.  It definitely makes this interesting with Walk communicating with Michael now.

This was a great episode. A break from the previous episodes was definitely welcomed here, and we were able to learn even more about Kate. The extra film find by Eko was good too. I really love his character, and I want to see more interaction between him and Locke. These two should have some interesting conversations that may or may not go over our heads!

Bad news here, the next two episodes are repeats, and the schedule doesn't go past that. So we might not have new episodes until after the holidays. As I've mentioned before the holidays is a bit of a slow down time for television.

Things won't slow down much here on this blog though. I won't be taking time off over the holiday weeks ahead, but I might be a bit less visible. I do have more reviews on the way - some more music and book reviews. Also I have a free spot on my sidebar for a new blog of the week. Blogexplosion members check for my blog and bid. I'll pick a new blog to feature tomorrow!


BlogIntro said...

In the third hatch they are required to take the children. Just as in our hatch they must push the button.

RosieP said...

While reading your article, I noticed that you managed to ignore what Kate had confessed about her reason for killing Wayne. Was it because you didn't want to face the fact that her reason for killing her father stemmed from some flaky identity crisis on her part?

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