TV Review: Surface Episode 1.10

Monday, November 28, 2005

From NBC: When Laura (Lake Bell) and Rich (Jay R. Ferguson) return to the surface from the ocean floor, they realize the boat that took them to this location is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Miles (Carter Jenkins) is taken to the hospital after suspiciously passing out in class. Elsewhere, Miles' sister Savannah (Leighton Meester) comes to the realization that her brothers sudden admittance to the hospital may have be a result of a bite mark on his body caused by his former pet Nimrod. Eddie Hassell also stars. TV-PG

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Tonight's episode of Surface was probably the most intense episode of this series yet. The last couple of weeks have left us with cliffhangers, which wasn't the case tonight. However, tonight's episode left us with a bit of a sad ending. This episode actually had me even yelling at the screen in some parts.

At the end of last week's episode, Laura and Rich had somehow made it back to the ocean's surface after the cord that connected them to Jackson's boat was severed, dropping them to the ocean floor. With limited time and oxygen left, they finally made it back. However, there is no Jackson with his boat waiting for them. They also come up during a bad rainstorm. This doesn't make for a good situation. They are adrift, with the creatures of the deep all around them. This doesn't only include the creature, but it also includes anything else that normally resides in the ocean waters, including sharks. Not only are they are adrift, but also their raft is leaking air, so once again their time is limited.

The majority of the episode shows them on the raft, shivering from cold, and dealing with knowing the creatures are nearby. They hear them, and they see bolts of lightning shooting off from the water not very far from where they are. All of this is very bad. At one point a creature comes up under them and destroys what is left of their raft. They then see that the creatures have decided to put a batch of eggs in that area. It seems they are laid down below, and then brought up to the surface before they hatch.

A helicopter does come over their location, attracted by the eerie green light the eggs emit, and the men in the chopper do spot Laura and Rich. The first time they come in for a rescue, a creature comes out of the water and attacks them. They are successful the second time, and it looks like Laura and Rich were able to keep their underwater footage of the creature intact as well. It also appears we have our answer about Jackson. The coast guard finds his boat, and it is covered in blood and shell casings. No sign of Jackson. My guess here is that he is dead.

Well, it looks like the scientists are going to have a field day with the new creature now. Not only will they have the footage shot by Rich and Laura. They also now have a dead specimen of one of the infant creatures in probably the saddest development of this series so far. I'm getting ahead of myself a bit though. The other half of the episode dealt with Miles. Once again Nim has returned to him, but Miles is in bad shape, suffering from the bites he received from the group of creatures he encountered. His parents once again leave on a trip, but they picked the worst possible time to do so. He ends up collapsing in school and is rushed to the hospital. The doctor's aren't too sure of what to make of him; his fever is of undetermined origin. Savannah brings in Nim, and he somehow escapes his carrier.

A search for him is undertaken, and they find him with Miles. He runs, and once again there is a search. This time they find him and corner him. In a sad scene, the hospital security shoots and kills Nim, just as Miles wakes up. Nim appears to die on Miles' lap. When Miles next wakes up, he is well. Nim has somehow healed him before he died, and now the man that is in charge at the aquarium has Nim's body. The episode ends just as it looks like the man is about to perform an autopsy. I was very saddened to see Nim killed. Looking at it though, we knew it would happen sooner or later. He is another creature, and eventually he will be just as big as the ones in the ocean. No matter what the case, it was still sad to see him go.

This was probably the best episode of this series so far. Even though it does have a few small problems. The last minute saves for Rich and Laura when all appears lots both this week and last. We knew they would make it, but still it seemed a bit cheesy that the helicopter got attacked the first time, but the second time there was no creature watching over the eggs. Other than that, this series is a strong series, and I'm really enjoying the journey this series has taken me on.

No previews for next week attached to the end of tonight's episode, so it looks like we have a week off! I'm sure the show will return shortly. Things do seem to slow down a bit over the holidays.


David Amulet said...

What did you think of the doctor, the one who told Savannah that her brother might die? I hope they bring her back ...

-- david

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