TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.07

Sunday, November 06, 2005

From ABC: Cristina, Izzie and Meredith aggressively pursue the case of Shane, a male patient who seems to have a hysterical pregnancy, which fascinates them and the entire medical staff; and a sheltered young patient inspires Alex to better express his feelings for Izzie.

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This episode of Grey's Anatomy titled "Something to talk about" really lacked focus for me. This episode had the majority of the interns working on one case. Izzie and Cristina steal a case from psych of a man that looks to be suffering from a hysterical pregnancy. They pull in Meredith, and once psych finds out what happened to their patient they have to pull in Bailey to help them. Turns out to be a surgical case when the pregnancy test comes out positive.

We later discover the man isn't pregnant, but something is inside him. It appears to be a baby, but that isn't really the case. This is a phenomenon that is usually not seen in adult men, and it puts the focus on the man and his condition. Everyone wants to see him. Izzie and Cristina sell tickets to the man's surgery, and there are bets placed on whether or not he is pregnant, and then when it is discovered he isn't, what he has inside him.

This actually angers Meredith, and by the end of the episode we see her kicking butt and taking names as she kicks everyone out of the man's hospital room, so that he can have a few moments of peace with his wife by his side. She can certainly understand where he is coming from because it seems this week was the week to put Meredith under the telescope. Everyone and anyone at the hospital is talking about her behind her back because of Derek's choosing Addison over her. Meredith isn't really doing all that well since his choice became official. She even has Bailey sticking up for her, and who would have thought we'd see that happen. I'm really starting to warm up to Bailey. She is a tough witch with a heart. You really have to love that.

What about Derek and Addison? How are they doing now that Derek has made his choice? Well, this week we see these two going to marriage counseling. Derek wants Addison to move to Seattle, and Addison wants Derek to cut Meredith out of his life. Ouch! You know that is really going to be hard to do when the two of them working in the same hospital, and you know the whole he is kind of her boss thing.

Addison won't move to Seattle since it appears Derek isn't totally ready to give up on Meredith. However, she does get some outside influence from Chief Webber to stay - a cushy job and a lot of money with a place to make a name for herself. Staying starts to look really good to her, and that is what she ends up doing. That means Addison looks to be sticking around for the long haul.

As for Derek giving up Meredith? It won't happen. He can't even let her get over him without wanting to check on her and be near her. This is when Bailey puts her foot down. Even after that though, he still wants to help her, but he is the last person that Meredith wants help from, and she makes that painfully clear with just one look. Meredith looks like the walking wounded though, and I do honestly feel bad for her. These two aren't done yet. Not by a long shot.

Meredith isn't the only intern at Seattle Grace having romantic issues on this week's episode. Cristina and Burke also seem to have come to a bit of snag in their new relationship. Burke quickly finds out that his new go to guy O'malley knows about him and Cristina. Cristina suspects Bailey knows, but she doesn't. Burke wants to be up front and tell Chief Webber now. Cristina doesn't. She has some concerns about her job and reputation with what happened to Meredith. She doesn't want the same to happen to her. However, going against her wishes Burke does end up going to Webber, and Webber appreciates the honesty. It looks like things will be okay on that front, but we will have to see what happens next week. The previews show a first date for Burke and Yang. Yes, they are actually leaving the hospital to go out like civilized people and have dinner. Shocking I know. You would think that Yang practically lives at the hospital.

Alex and Izzie also have their issues this week. Even if these two aren't even together. That is quickly changing though. Alex gets to work on a case of a young woman that needs surgery to fix a nerve condition. Her parents are against the procedure, so Derek puts Alex on babysitting duty. He spends the entire day with her, and by the end of it she has helped him move forward with Izzie. As the group is all sitting at the bar at Joe's, Alex walks in and plants the hugest first kiss I've ever seen, and he then leaves behind a shocked but pleased Izzie. Now the only one left alone and without someone is George. Soon that should change. They can't have poor George pining over Meredith forever can they?

Now this episode of Grey's Anatomy was good, but not great. This week seemed to be a bit more of a filler episode, and it certainly wasn't intense as last week's episode. Now I know not every episode can pack as much a punch, and this episode did have its moments. Meredith's speech in the room when she is kicking everyone out. Alex talking to the girl about how her first kiss should be. Alex kissing Izzie. All great moments that I enjoyed. This episode really just felt a bit slow to me, and maybe this show needed to do that after the emotional roller coaster they have had his riding the last few weeks. Another new episode next week. The eighth episode straight since the season began. Are they going to go straight through to December before taking a break? Looks like that might be the case.

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