TV Review: Surface Episode 1.08

Monday, November 14, 2005

From NBC:  Laura (Lake Bell), Rich (Jay R. Ferguson) and Jackson (Austin Nichols)) race to finish the submersible they are building, and despite several setbacks during a test run, take it out to the spawning site. As Rich and Daughtery begin their descent, they spot the creatures spawning but a system failure causes the submersible to freefall, putting them in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Miles' (Carter Jenkins) parents consider sending him to a boot camp for problem children, but rethink their decision and send him to an aquarium for volunteer work. Ian Anthony Dale and Leighton Meester also star.

My Rating: 4/4

Well, folks, it looks like we have a cliffhanger on our hands, and we won't know the answer until next week's episode. Last week, Laura began working on a submersible with Rich and Jack. The man-made sub would take them down on a date when it is known for the creature to act up. This week, they continued their work on the submersible with only days left before they have to launch. Some problems do pop up. Namely one with a leak, but Rich thinks he finds the source and fixes it.

With the sub ready to go, the group leaves for the launch site, and the creature is sighted almost immediately as it creates a lightning storm from the ocean. They launch the sub, and all appears well. All systems are go until they reach about 1700 feet, and then water starts dripping in. Apparently what Rich thought was the source of the leak wasn't, and the sub starts to slowly take on water. The further it goes down, the faster the water will come.

After a bit of a debate with Jackson, Laura and Rich decide to continue on, especially after the two hear the creatures nearby. They continue going deeper and deeper, and eventually have a sighting of creatures, which Laura is able to capture on film.

However, even more problems arise. Up top, Jackson sees something, and then we cut to commercial. When the show returns, the sub is going down even faster, and Laura can't reach Jackson by radio to tell him to stop it.  We then find out why the sub is going down so fast. The cable connecting the sub to Jackson's boat has snapped, and 3,000 feet of cord is coming down towards them. Once it reaches their depth, the cord then pulls them down into one of the craters that go down further into the earth.

This is where we leave Laura and Rich as the episode ends. What happened to Jackson? Did a creature just chew the wire or is Jackson gone as well? We do know the creatures are capable of eating an entire small boat. We're not sure what happens to him either. I'm sure those questions will be answered next week.

The cliffhanger isn't all that happens. We also have some happenings with Miles and also with the mysterious Lee. First, let's talk about Miles. Last week, the police found him after he sets Nim free. We assume he was arrested, and this week's episode confirms that, but apparently his father is able to call in some huge favors and Miles gets off with just community service it appears. He starts working at his new job after school cleaning up the roads as part of the trash patrol.

However, his parents aren't done. They start to wonder if Miles should be sent to a wilderness camp for troubled teens. When his sister overhears their plans, she goes to them and tells them she knew about his pet all along, and she had never seen Miles act so interested before. After some thought, they decide to try to change his community service, and they are successful. Instead of trash patrol, he now is working at the aquarium after school, caring for the animals there. On his first day, his boss decides to show him something cool. Turns out to be some eggs similar to the one Nim hatched out of him. Things should get interesting once those babies hatch!

Now about Lee! I'm not so sure what he is up to, but he is looking for Laura. This week, he goes to her ex-husband's home and tries to get the man to tell him where she is. For some reason, the man keeps quiet, and doesn't speak one word about Laura, even though she just called him minutes before. I really don't trust Lee. I'm not sure what he will do once he finds her, but it can't be good.

This episode was amazing. In my mind, this episode was the best of the series to date. The sightings of the creatures, and the cliffhanger ending make me on the edge of my seat as we wait for the next episode. I love how every story gets equal time. I'm glad Miles got changed to the aquarium too. I really wonder when Miles will connect with Laura and Rich. He has to eventually.

Speaking of Miles, apparently NBC has created a character blog for him over on the show's website. Each week, he writes entries that go along with the story line for the show. Last week's entry talks about the arrest. Past entries have talked about him caring for Nim. Check out the blog here.


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