TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.10

Sunday, November 27, 2005

From ABC: Meredith is mortified when her "one night stand" shows up at the hospital suffering from priapism and needing medical attention; a woman carrying quintuplets is overwhelmed by numerous medical issues as she navigates her high-risk pregnancy; and Alex's shortcomings frustrate Izzie.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Well, the award for the person I wanted to smack most during this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy titled 'Much too Much ' goes to Alex. We'll get back to that though. This episode, while not the fastest paced of episodes, had a lot going on and was very entertaining and humorous.

I truly felt bad for Meredith in this episode. She has the misfortune of one of her one-night stands coming into the hospital with a bit of a problem. Since he left her house that morning, it seems he can't keep it down. He is suffering from a condition known as priapism. The story of Meredith breaking a man's penis travels through Seattle Grace like wild fire. Bailey, Meredith, and Cristina all work to help solve the man's problem, and it seems that they are successful, but the problem returns on its own. Bailey calls in for a consult from neurology, and Meredith's worst dream comes true. Her ex, Dr. McDreamy, has to work on the man she just slept with hours before. As it turns out the man has a tumor. Derek and Meredith go into surgery, and the problem is taken care of.  I really felt bad for Meredith though. Even George and Alex ask her about her breaking a man's penis.

While this case is a bit lighter hearted, the other case that had all the surgeons on call during most of the episode involved a set of quintuplets. The mother has been brought in, and they are trying to prolong the pregnancy as long as they can, so the babies can develop more. As the episode goes along, we learn that this set of babies has a lot going against them. Each of the babies seems to have their own set of health problems. The whole surgical staff will have to work in order to deliver and operate on them once they are out. The mother is overwhelmed as she learns of the different problems her young infant's will face once they are born into the world. The main doctor on this case is Addison, and she has Izzie working under her. By the end of the episode, the woman goes into early labor, and the doctors all have to go to work. The episode ends with them all delivering the babies. This story line will continue on next week's episode as our five interns fight to keep the babies alive.

Another case had Derek and Alex involved. A man that is put in Alex's care. He is not allowed to drink water before his surgery the next day, but he can't help himself. He even ends locking himself in the bathroom and drinking out of the toilet. Once Alex has him restrained, he gives an order to a nurse, and it is the wrong one. It sends the man into an attack, and Derek is definitely not happy with Alex.

As with any other episode, the romantic lives of our interns' plays a huge part. Meredith's broken penis isn't the only thing we see when it comes to her. She seems to have been busy with a number of one-night stands with men she meets at Joe's bar. Steve, the broken penis, is only the last one in a long line of men. By the end of the episode, she realizes she is trying to replace Derek. SO … that story line is far from over. However, it looks like Derek is really trying to make a go of it with Addison. They have sex, which we know doesn't mean much these days! It does show he is trying though. Meredith is showing classic bad behavior. The men, the drinking exhibited in previous episode, and the avoidance. She still loves Derek, but she can't have him.  In time, it will get easier as she herself said to Derek in this episode.

A good part of the focus this episode fell on Burke and Cristina this episode. He leaves her his key, and Cristina isn't so sure what to make of it. She does end confronting him on it through the episode, and he says he knows her. She is adamant that he doesn't. He even threatens to leave the relationship if she doesn't begin to give a little. She takes a step, and takes him to her apartment – the pigsty. She is trying.

However, I found myself asking this question during this episode. Is this too soon? Burke even goes so far as to ask Cristina to move in with him. Wow … am I the only one that thinks this relationship is moving a bit too fast? I'm not sure how much time has passed since the beginning of the series. I know the beginning of this season mentioned two months, and it's been about two months since then. Talk about fast moving. To me this is a bit too fast. Burke even threatening to walk away just seemed way off for me.

Alex and Izzie also made a huge appearance in this episode. The two seem to be trying to move their relationship to the next level, but Alex is having a small problem – opposite to the one that Meredith's man had in this episode. The two attempt again in the on call room at the hospital, but Izzie called on her pager. Alex ends up talking to the nurse he'd had a brief fling with early on this season, and he ends up in bed with her. This is after a talk with the other interns about emotions and sex. After this conversation, I almost felt that Alex was having a difficulty in performing because he actually has feelings for Izzie. This might still be the case, but she catches him in the on call room with the nurse, and that is sure going to cause some problems – if not kill the new relationship altogether. I really liked Izzie and Alex together. She made him almost likeable, but I so wanted to smack him this week. He screwed up big here, and in more ways than one.

"Much too Much' was a good episode for this show. I know I say that every week, but I truly think Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows on television right now. Each week it comes in consistently in the top ten shows for the week, and the past couple of weeks it has entered into the top five. People love this show. Last weekend's show had the highest viewer turnout this season for the series, and I wouldn't be too surprised if the numbers increased as the season progressed. Grey's Anatomy has even won the coveted post – Super Bowl spot this year. That surely will bring in even more viewers. We have another new episode next week. I think we'll return to the more emotional episodes with next week with the quintuplets fighting for their lives.

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Kris said...

I was annoyed with Alex too. However, I believe the reason he couldn't perform with Izzie is because he has syphilis and can't bring himself to tell her about it. Nurse Olivia already has the syph from him so it was 'safe' I guess since they both have it.

Riss said...

I think Alex can't perform with Izzie because he failed that one exam, while she obviously passed it. He's dealing with feelings of inadequacy. It's why he can bang the uncute nurse but not his hot, successful, model-turned-surgeon girlfriend.

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