TV Review: Lost Episode 2.06

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From ABC: Sawyer's wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt, and Charlie becomes jealous of Locke's interest in Claire.

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Lost is back tonight with an all new episode, and I am glad to see it back after a few weeks off. Speculation has been running wild the last few weeks on who would die on tonight's episode. Everyone had a theory, but early on it was leaked who it was. Even with the spoilers, you had to hope it wasn't true because this meant another major character was leaving the show. However, yes Shannon was killed off on tonight's episode. Might as well get that out of the way now. This episode actually had the most air time for her character all season, so you had to wonder if there were plans to kill her off because of the lack of air time. We also saw Boone back for a bit on this episode in flashback sequences Shannon has.
Let's go back to the beginning though. The other survivors are still trying to make it to the first survivor's camp. Sawyer's arm isn't doing all that well. In fact, it is slowing them down a bit. If you recall, he was shot when the others took Walt. After digging out the bullet himself, it looks like his arm may now be infected. He has to stop and rest several times, and at one point he does collapse and he does need to be carried by the others with him. Michael, Jin and Echo have all rejoined the group as well. With Echo leading them, the group is able to make it through the jungle. Without him, Ana Lucia had ended getting them lost.
The group of survivors is still worried about the others showing up as they make their way through the forest. Ana Lucia tells a bit about the background of their group, and we learn the others came in and first took three and then took nine more. We'll learn more about the tail end survivors and their story on an extended episode next Wednesday. Something tells me we have a lot to forward to next week.
However, we're not done talking about this week yet. Let's jump to Shannon a bit. Abandoned was a Shannon centric episode, so we were able to see a lot of Shannon this week. Both on the island and in the flashback sequences. We learn a lot more about her and Boone's life before the island, and we see her with Sayid a great deal. Walt also appears to her this week, and he also appears again at the end of the episode. This time Sayid also sees him, so we know that Shannon wasn't making him up or dreaming.
On this episode, Sayid building a tent for Shannon and they make love for what I believe is the first time. After she sees Walt the first time, they have a bit of a battle, but that is worked out by the end of the episode, and Sayid admits his feelings for her and tells her he'd never leave her. He also believes her. This is when Walt appears, and he is telling the two of them to be quiet. Shannon doesn't listen and runs after Walt. This is where our two groups of survivors meet. Sayid hears a gun shot, and he runs to Shannon just as she turns and he sees the gun wound in her stomach. She collapses and dies in his arms.
We then pan out, and we see who shot Shannon. It was Ana Lucia. In a trigger happy moment, she shoots Shannon, but now we have all our survivors together. However, one of the women in Ana Lucia's group does disappear just before they reach the camp. With Cindy's disappearance, we thought our group of survivors would be safe, but this looks to be a two for one deal. The shooting was also foreshadowed a bit early on in the episode when Michael and Ana Lucia are talking in the forest when Ana Lucia tells him that one bullet and one gun won't make a difference when it comes to the others.
Another story line in this episode has to do with Charlie, Claire and Locke. This is the most we've seen of Claire since the season began, and I loved that. We're seeing a bit of tension with her and Charlie. He is a bit overbearing and jealous when it comes to her and the baby. When in reality, they aren't even a couple, and by Claire's own admission she doesn't really know all that much about him, but she feels like they are married.
Really though Claire and Charlie aren't a couple. Sure, they have had a few cute moments, but the only true couple formed on the island was Shannon and Sayid. Charlie gets a bit jealous when he sees Locke with Claire and the baby, but we've seen Claire and Locke talk before. I love when these two interact. Locke interacting with anyone is fun always actually.
Now let's talk a bit about Shannon's death. We all knew someone was going to die, and it was rumored to be a female that would die in a shocking manner. I disagree with them killing Shannon though. Why her? No, she wasn't my favorite character, but they built this totally amazing back story for her and Boone. She had so much they could do with her now that her and Sayid were a couple. They could have explored that some more, and they just had her killed off. I understand they have always said major characters can go at any time, but I just don't see the point to having Shannon be the one killed off here. Also another character also disappeared on this episode, so it really was a two for one deal.

I was really glad to see this show back, but I'm a bit upset about Shannon's death here. There are still so many unanswered questions. Walt keeps appearing, and now someone other than Shannon has seen him. The others are definitely close by, but we have yet to see them really either. Sayid looked ready to kill, and without Michael and the others close by there is a good chance he would have killed first and asked questions later. However, we don't know how reacts because this is where the episode ends this week. We also had no signs of Kate or Sun this week, and we only see Jack briefly as he runs through the hospital during one of the flashback sequences Shannon has.

This episode was good. Perhaps in my mind a bit over hyped, but every episode of Lost seems to have a lot of hype to it. Next week, we will learn the story of the tail end survivors from the beginning. And I'm not sure, but it looks like the week following next we will have another repeat. ABC was hyping up a Kenny Chesney concert during tonight's episode of Lost.

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