TV Review: Surface Episode 1.14

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

FROM NBC: Rich (Jay R. Ferguson) and Laura (Lake Bell) go to see Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) for answers, and Lee winds up learning more than he would have ever expected. Concerned about the escalating violence she sees in Rich, Laura decides to pack it in and return home to see her son. The townspeople grow increasingly fearful as Miles (Carter Jenkins) behaves more and more like Nim. After being attacked by a bully at school, Miles brutally retaliates, and an angry mob calls for him to be arrested. Leighton Meester also stars. TV-PG

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Another exciting episode of Surface. Only one more episode remains before the season finale. They finally said season. The way they had been saying things up to this point, it sounded like the series was a one season epic deal, but now it looks like we will have more of Surface to come.

Last week, Laura and Rich had found a video with something very interesting on it. There was footage taking forty years ago of an expedition to what appeared to be Asia. On this tape, they saw Lee. Now they make it there mission to find him because they believe he is the missing link that leads to all the answers they have been looking for. On this week's episode, they have gone to find Lee and Rich tricks him into appearing by mentioning Kessler's name. When Lee appears at the designated point, Rich overpowers him and the two kidnap him.

They take him to a motel and they begin to question him about the tape and what it means. Laura believes that Lee has been cloned from the earlier man, since she knows Kessler had found a way to clone a sheep long before its time. It is also possible he found a way to clone man. From what it looks like, Lee has no idea that he is a clone. When he isn't forthcoming with any answers, Rich tricks Laura and gets Lee to himself. He beats him up a little, and he finally gets access to his cell phone. There is a lot of phone calls from the Wilmington area, which we know is where our third star, Miles is.

Laura gets back in just before Rich shoots Lee, and they let him go. Rich wants to go to North Carolina, but Laura backs out. She goes home to find her son, and Rich leaves to go to North Carolina. Once n North Carolina, Rich finds a way into Iderdex, and he finds incubators with every known species to man, in both female and male forms. Rich compares it to Noah's Ark. He is discovered, and that is the last we see of him.

Meanwhile, Laura has gone to see her son, but the school calls the boy's father, who then turns her in to Lee. Lee and his men take her captive, and it looks like Lee plans to kill her. Rich even calls her from North Carolina. However, the information Laura has revealed to him hits Lee, and he lets her go. Whether she lives or dies, things have been set into motion anyway. There is no way to stop it.

What things have been sent into motion? We soon see. A massive earthquake is set off by the creatures off the coast of Puerto Rico. The earthquake, ranked a 9.4 on the scale, sets of a tsunami that demolishes San Juan before heading to the south eastern US. North Carolina is in its path.

Miles is there, and he has woken up after his night leading the smaller creatures to the ocean. He returns home, and then he goes to school. A mistake on his part because one of the school bullies decides to go after him that day. By the end of the school day, the other teenager has attacked Miles, but the tables quickly turn once Miles is provoked enough to shock Greg. He burns the teenager, and once this happens the townspeople now come after him. Things get quite hectic, and the townspeople eventually get into Miles house.

They take him captive, but once they reach outside one of the deputies tells them to all listen to the news on his radio. News of the tsunami on their way sets people into motion to get out of its way. Next week, we will see the tsunami hit, and three main characters, plus Miles little girlfriend, will all have to find a way to survive. Not only will the tsunami hit, but I think there might a creature or two right along with it. Nim has gone off again as well, after once again returning to Miles. He tracks the boy to a diner, where the other patrons and staff are shocked and terrified by the small creatures appearance.

This was another wonderful episode. I truly love this series, and things keep twisting each and every week. Next week's season finale appeared to be a perfect way to end this season for the series. I do hope it is just a season finale, and not a series finale. I think this is truly one of the most underrated shows on television, and I do hope more people discover this series next season.


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