TV Review: Dancing With The Stars Week 4

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dancing With The Stars enters its fourth week of competition, and we now have seven couples competing for the coveted Dancing With The Stars Mirror ball Trophy. This week the couple's had the choice between the elegant fox trot and the serious pasa doble to learn and perform. Let's talk about this week's performances!

The show opened with a pasa doble from George Hamilton that took George into the role of Zorro. Last week, he scored in the bottom two, and it truly appeared he would be eliminated from the competition. however, in a surprise development Giselle Fernandez was cut. This week, he had an improved performance which earned him a 21 from the judges. Compared to the others, he doesn't have the dance skill. What he does have is charm and performance style. That is what is keeping him there at this point in the game. Next up, we had Tia Carrere, who danced a fox trot with her partner. Tia is one of the most improved dancers in this competition. She is a new mother, and that showed in her earlier performances. She was just a bit out of shape. that has changed, and she is one I consider an outside contender for the win.

Following Tia, we saw another performance by Master P, and if we see him stay in the competition after tomorrow's results show, there will be outrage. Not only the part of myself, but on the part of many other fans. This week, his performance of the pasa doble had none of the elements of this serious dance. Ashly even had her own frustration show, and when interviewed post interview, she was definitely gracious and supportive of her partner, even if it did appear she wanted to say something. his score of 8 definitely puts him in dead last place, and if the viewer vote added to it is able to save him once again from elimination, I'm not sure what people are thinking. Compared to the other celebrities performing, it was pointed out by the judge that he has only rehearsed 20 hours in comparison to the 130 hours of some of the other couples. is putting a forth a strong effort to keep Master P there, but I have to ask myself why.

Next up, we had the two stars of this competition, Stacy Keibler and Drew Lachey. During the first three weeks of this competition, these two celebrities have been on top in regard to the judges votes. Tonight, they both did well once again. Stacy performed a lovely fox trot, and Drew pulled out an exciting and fun pasa doble to Michael Jackson's Thriller. He earned the best scores of the night for his performance, and his was also the dance I most enjoyed.

Last up, we had Jerry Rice and Lisa Rinna. Jerry Rice had a bit of a problem with last week's performance, so he needed to step it up this week if he wanted to stay in the competition. He did that, and he even went the extra mile by taking ballet lessons to improve his posture and soften his dance moves a little for the fox trot. I really enjoy his performances, and in my mind he is the next best male on the competition behind Drew Lachey. Lisa Rinna finished up the night with a wonderful pasa doble performance with her partner. She has really come into her own since the first week. She is also one of my outside contenders for a win here. If she keeps on improving as she has been, Lisa has a real shot here. She tied Stacy for second place this week.

Who will be eliminated this week? Will Master P supporters vote en masse and keep him from elimination yet another week? Or will the lowest scoring person week after week finally bid this competition farewell? Check back here tomorrow night for the results!


George Hamilton - 21
Tia Carrere - 25
Master P - 8
Stacy Keibler - 26
Drew Lachey - 28
Jerry Rice - 24
Lisa Rinna - 26


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