Saturday Night Premiere: Elektra

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tonight's Saturday Night Premiere comes to us from HBO in the form of the Jennifer Garner action adventure film, Elektra. This movie is the sequel to Daredevil, minus Colin Farrell and Ben Affleck. I'd heard much about this movie in the past. In fact, I heard it wasn't that good of a movie, and if I recall correctly it was a box office bomb. All this made me a bit skeptical about the movie. I wasn't expecting much from it in all honestly. I am a huge fan of Garner and her role of Sydney Bristow on Alias, and I enjoyed her role in Daredevil, but this movie almost felt like a totally separate entity from that previous film. The character seemed profoundly different.

In this movie, we see Elektra after she has been brought back to life. She is now a hired assassin. We see her start out the film on a job, and then we see her obtain her next assignment from her agent. Although, she is put into position before she knows who she has been hired to kill. She meets a single father and his daughter, and a bond begins to form. However, she soon learns that they are her assignment.

The remainder of this films follows her as she opts to protect the family she has been hired to kill. The father is played by Goran Visnjic, known best for his role as Luka on ER. The daughter, Abby, has more to her than meets the eye on first look, and we learn she has secrets of her own. During the film, we see high action and mysticism.

As I said, I wasn't sure how good this film would be. It isn't the best of films, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it wasn't half bad. I did find myself staying focused on the film, and if I don't like a film or if it is boring staying focused isn't easy for me to do. I love Jennifer Garner, but as a sidenote I don't think red is the best color for her. It just seemed harsh on her. However, that is Elektra's trademark color. She looks much better in black in my opinion.

I'd recommend this film if you're a fan of Garner and looking for some good action adventure. This film certainly does give you that. However, with this film being a sequel, it certainly didn't feel like it was connected at all to the Daredevil film. It worked better on its own, but Daredevil had already been made.

If you're interested in checking this movie out for yourself, check out Amazon and J & R


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