TV Review: Dancing With The Stars Week 3

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dancing With The Stars enters its third week of competition, and the intensity is certainly picking up as we now have had two eliminations. A third couple will be eliminated on tomorrow night's result show. With only a third performance under each contestant's belt, it is becoming clear who the leaders of the competition are. Before we talk about that, let's talk about tonight's performances.

On tonight's show, the couples had to choose between two dances, the jive and the tango. Usually the males do one type of dance and the females another. The males started with the jive, but George Hamilton decided to perform a tango with his partner. The same happened on the female side with actress Lisa Rinna opting to perform a jive with her partner. The couples all stepped up their performances a notch. George Hamilton and Master P aka P Miller also stepped up their own performances, but did they step it up enough to stick around another week?

In my mind, no. Both male celebrities aren't up to par with the rest of the competitors. George Hamilton has charm, but as one of the judges pointed out tonight that won't win him this competition. Master P gets an A for effort. He definitely stepped it up a notch this week, but he is still not up to this competition. Ashly, his partner, is wonderful, and I think having to switch partners early on the competition definitely hurt her. She also has a smile on her face though, and I really do enjoy her dancing. Jerry Rice having done well in earlier performances seem to falter this week, and the judges scored him low. He had done well in the past, so I'm hoping he doesn't suffer the same fate that Tatum suffered last week in which one bad performance gave her the boot on the results show.

As for the stand out performances on this week's show, both Drew and Stacy have kept up their winning dance moves, and they both earned twenty-seven points this week from the judges. These two are the clear stand outs to win this competition, but they do have competition. Both Lisa Rinna and Tia Carrere did well this week, and they also earned decent scores from the judges. Lisa really came out of her shell dance wise this week, and she looked amazing out there. The training sequence where they showed her break down with her partner Louie was also touching to see. He is an amazing partner and good support for her in this competition. Tia Carrere also has improved week after week, and this week she came in third with a score of twenty-six for her tango. This competition is still wide open.

My pick to go home tomorrow night is Master P. He has shown improvement, but he is definitely not up to par with the rest of the dancers. I'll be sad to see Ashly go, but this is a competition, and the weeks are passing.

This week's scores are as follows:

Jerry Rice/partner: 19
Giselle Fernandez/partner: 22
Drew Lachey/partner: 27
George Hamilton/partner: 22
Lisa Rinna/partner: 25
Stacy Keibler/partner: 27
Master P/partner: 14
Tia Carrere/partner: 26

Tune in tomorrow night at 8/7 for the hour long results show to find out who America decides to vote off from the competition this week!


nicole Sticht said...

I would like to make a comment on my brother justin sticht's audition with Simon, Paula, and Randy. My brother does know how to sing and just because I am his little sister doesn't mean that I am just lying when I say he does know how to sing. He and I sing at karaoke bar's all the time and the song; I would do anything for love woos the audience all the time. It is his number one that everyone enjoys watching him perform. My brother sings different varieties like songs by Journey, Queen,Collin Raye, Garth Brooks, Barenaked Ladies and also meatloaf. Who are people on here to judge my brother for they do not know him like us in Burnsville, MN do. I for one witnessed Justin's audition in front of the three judges when we went down to the W which is based in the heart of Chicago.
With the three pausing that absolutly did not happen. I know this because I was listening in the lobby through a little crack in the door. So with how he was aired on television was made up and it was overated. I am quite upset at how people are saying such harsh comments about my brother not knowing how to sing which in fact he knows how to sing better than those other losers that didn't win on American Idol. As I will state this: Do not judge a book by its cover.

Nicole Sticht

Brent McKee said...

Tia was of course dancing to the same Tango music that was playing in her dance with Ahhnold in True Lies. Whether she can hang on in a different dance is another question.

I'm willing to bet that Hamilton and Rinna switched dances because of George's knee and ribs.

A thousand times better than Skating With Celebrities. Whoever gave that the green light should be forced to figure skate during an NHL hockey game. Not between periods but during the game.

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