TV Review: Surface Episode 1.13

Monday, January 23, 2006

From NBC: After it’s revealed to Laura (Lake Bell) that a cadre of top scientists created this new species, she wakes up in a field after being drugged and Rich (Jay R. Ferguson) comes to her rescue. Fearing the end of the world, Laura and Rich are determined to find the mysterious corporation that funded this experiment gone awry, but nothing could prepare them for what they discover in an abandoned laboratory along the way. Meanwhile, Miles (Carter Jenkins) joins Blum and his crew of aquarium workers on a boat excursion to find the egg field containing millions of unhatched creatures. Surprisingly, Miles later agrees to help law enforcement find Nim. Leighton Meester and Ian Anthony Dale also star.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Surface comes to us tonight with an all-new episode, and things are definitely getting strange as the weeks pass. This week's episode added even more to the suspense. also I'm really starting to wonder about Surface. We have only two episodes left, and the more I hear about it, I am starting to think Surface might have been a one season deal. At the end of tonight's episode, the promo for next week definitely leads to that conclusion.

Let's talk about tonight's episode. On our last episode, Laura had been taken to meet with the mysterious voice that had contacted her via computer. We learn the voice belongs to a scientist, and this week we learn her name is Samantha Morris. She gives Laura some startling information about the origin of the species. As it turns out, the species isn't alien or some prehistoric creature that somehow survived undetected all these millions of years at the bottom of the ocean.

The creature is in fact man-made, and Samantha is one of the one's behind its creation. She tells Laura even more this week. We learn Samantha was approached after earning her Ph.D in 2000 by a genetics company. This company hired her on for an ungodly sum of money, and they tell her they have been cloning long before Dolly the sheep was cloned in 1996. They have even cloned a creature that has extinct for many many years.

As the woman starts to continue on telling Laura things, Laura starts to feel disoriented. The woman has drugged her, and next she knows she wakes up in the middle of nowhere, and Rich comes to her rescue. Laura takes what information the woman does give her, and with Rich's help they begin to dig. With the date's she is given by the woman, they begin to look into companies that have made large donations or spent a great deal of money during that time period. This leads the two to pharmaceutical companies involved with the drug Nortide. The information they do turn up is classified, which is strange. They then decide to approach the company themselves, but that plan quickly falls through, when they are discovered.

They then follow the lead to another branch of the company, and they go to their headquarters. When they arrives, the buildings are deserted. It looks like people left in quite a hurry, and not that long before Laura and Rich's arrival. The two split up to search the building, and Rich finds what he thinks to be a young girl. It turns out to be something else entirely. Another creation of this company. That is definitely possible. Laura and Rich continue on there search using the names of those involved with the pharmaceutical company. They make another startling discovery. They find footage of Lee that is nearly forty years old.

Laura and Rich aren't the only ones with things happening on this happening. Miles has his own things to deal with. The people of the town he lives in are in an uproar over the creature and the killings, and they devise a plan to use Nim to get the other creatures. They have Miles tag Nim, and then set him free. He ventures to a cove, and the other creatures do show up. When they do, the townspeople are ready and waiting with guns blazing. As much as they fire upon the creatures, nothing seems to phase them.

Miles arrives on seen, and he is able to settle the creatures down, but then he joins them. He leads them back out to the ocean. As we recall, he had been changing since Nim healed him a few weeks ago. The min-creatures, with Nim's help, now see him as some type of leader. Things are definitely strange, and with the townspeople attacking the infant creatures, they are only asking for trouble. My first thought was what will the big creatures do? From the previews, it looks like we will get to find out before the series ends. I'm really hoping there is more to this series, but it is really looking like it might have been a one season deal. With words like epic and phrases like all your questions will be answered in the final two episodes, it doesn't look good for this series continuing on past February.

I've enjoyed the ride though if that is the case. This series has had enough twists and turns to keep me and many others on the edge of their seats each week. If the ride is over, then I'll be sad to see it end, but the ride was more than worth it. Check out my discussion topic for this series on my forum where you can find all the latest news and discussion for this series until its gone! Also, don't forget if you missed seeing tonight's episode, you can download it on iTunes in the morning. Check my sidebar for the link!


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