Dancing With The Stars Week 3 Elimination

Friday, January 20, 2006

Another shocking elimination this week on Dancing With The Stars. The couple with the lowest score when judges and viewers vote were combined was Giselle Fernandez and Jonathan Roberts. This just shocks me. Master P and George Hamilton were both saved from elimination once again. George was actually in the bottom two tonight, and I thought for sure that meant he was set to be sent home. However, Giselle was the one given her walking papers. Last night, she earned a twenty-two.

She had done superb in earlier performances, and she felt last night's performance was one of her best. The judges disagreed with her, and it also looks like the American viewers did as well. The same happened last week with actress Tatum O'Neal. Week one she did well, but week two she didn't. This earned her the boot week two. This competition is now getting tougher, and do Master P and George Hamilton both continue to belong there at this point in the game? In my mind, no.

Last season, Kelly Monaco also performed poorly week after week until the final weeks of the competition. Yet, she remained in the competition and was the season one winner. Please tell me the same won't happen here with Master P pulling out a win at the end? I love his partner, and he has shown some improvement. However, not enough to keep him there.


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