Musical Friday: Sugarland - Twice The Speed Of Life

Friday, January 13, 2006

Back when I started this blog, my original intention was to have more music reviews. Things took off with the television reviews, and I never really did much in the way of music. I listen to as much musically as I watch in television each week. I have an extensive music collection, and I am adding to it on a consistent basis. I really do want to review more music on this blog, possibly bring forward some artists that I enjoy that others might not have had the opportunity to listen to for themselves.

So starting with this week, I will have two music reviews a month. These will land on every other Friday. The review might be of a new CD release, or an older one I've recently discovered or an artist I love. We'll see how things go, and I might eventually make this a weekly thing. Let's see how things go though.
My first music review on Musical Friday is of a group I recently discovered a few months ago. I finally picked up their CD in the last couple of weeks, and I am in love with their music. The CD in question is Twice The Speed Of Life by 2005 country breakout artist Sugarland. Before September, I had no idea who this band was, but that all changed once they appeared with one of my favorite groups, Bon Jovi, on a special concert on Country Music Television. Jennifer Nettles and her group performed a number of songs with Bon Jovi during that hour, and I was immediately intrigued.

I began seeing more of Sugarland in the weeks that followed. They performed on one country awards show with Bon Jovi, and I also saw them on Radio Music Awards. Soon after that I picked up their CD, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by what I found when listening. I like country music, but I'm not an all out fan. Sugarland is country with a hint of rock, and the mix is quite impressive. What I also enjoyed about this CD is the lyrics.

They are well written, and they speak to you. One of my favorite songs, Something More talk about faith and looking for more than just the life you're handed. You're in charge of your own and your own happiness. This is a positive message I'm sure anyone can relate to. Baby girl, another of my favorites on the CD, is written in the form of a letter to her parents, and it tells the story of her life and how difficult it is to find fame. This song strikes a personal chord with me, and I always end up tearing up just a bit at the end. The last track on the CD, Stand Back Up, is also a song that offers a positive message of hope and faith and fighting on no matter what life throws at you.

Don't let the fact that this CD is a 2004 release stop you from checking out this up and coming country artist. They are really coming into their own right now, and the CD and group are both something special.

Check out the CD for yourself by visiting the following online retailers: J & R, Amazon or iTunes
For just a taste of what this group has to offer, take a listen to Something More.


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