TV Review: The L Word Episode 3.03

Sunday, January 22, 2006

From SHO: Shane sets up at Venice Beach's coolest new skate shop WAX; Jenny brings Moira home to LA and introduces her to the girls; Kit finds a friend in Angus, Bette and Tina's nanny; Alice continues her descent into a black hole over losing Dana; Bette refuses to curtail her spending habits; and Tina goes to work for Helena.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight's episode of The L Word titled Lobsters is the first episode this season that I found myself enjoying the episode. There were a few problems, but I didn't feel they outweighed the positives in this episode. Our girls are finally all together with Jenny's return to Los Angeles, and perhaps that is what makes the difference here. Something felt really off the last couple of episodes, and I am really wondering if Jenny being away caused the weirdness. Time will only tell next week.

As mentioned, Jenny makes her return this week. Shane is happy to see her, as is Carmen. However, they are both a bit thrown off by the arrival of Jenny's new friend Moira. Neither knows what to make of the new woman in Jenny's life, and Carmen is definitely not happy about having the additional roommate just thrown at them. Moira is a bit different than they are used to. She's even more butch than Shane.

The group decides to take Jenny out for a welcome home dinner, and things don't go as well as planned. Not only do we have the awkwardness with Alice and Dana at the same table, but Moira doesn't fit in at all with the group. Her anecdote about female lobsters doesn't help matters much either. When she's had enough, she leaves dinner and Jenny stays. When Moira doesn't return home, Jenny puts the blame onto herself for not leaving with Moira. The group is really snippy with Moira though, and I can see why she didn't feel comfortable.

Now I'm not sure if I'm the only one that sees it, but Jenny and Shane always seemed to have these moments that border on coupledom. We had another brief one tonight near the end of the episode, and Shane's welcoming home of Jenny by carrying her around definitely raised an eyebrow here. The episode ends with Moira having an intense moment by herself. I really feel for her in this episode. It can't be easy trying to join this group of friends.

Let's go back and talk about what happens to everyone else in this episode. First, let's talk about Bette and Tina. Things are beginning to look bleak on the financial front. Bette loses the funding on her project, and this causes her to lose her stipend. Tina talks to Helena, and she is offered a job working with the woman at her film studio. Helena offers her a job based on her psychics recommendation. The whole tarot thing is really freaky to me because I just don't see Helena being the tarot cards and psychic type of gal.

Tina tells Bette about the job offer, and Bette doesn't seem all that thrilled, but Tina knows it is there best option. Soon they might have to fire the nanny they just hired, and they need him to look good for the social worker. Bette looks into selling one of her prints, but she doesn't tell Tina she is doing this. I'm actually a bit relieved the cyber story line wasn't brought up again this week, but I know it will be at some point. That story line just doesn't fit Tina's character at all.

As for Angus, he is fitting in nicely with his new job. He meets Kit one day while out with Angelica, and these two hit it off well. In fact, a bit too well. Sparks are already beginning to fly the one night Kit goes to the house when everyone else is at dinner. It might be a bit sudden, but I actually like that these two held back this week. They have a flirtation with more here, and I think that works nicely. As much as I miss the Ivan and Kit story line, Kit is straight. No need to fight that really. Just because this is labeled a lesbian show, it doesn't mean a straight couple couldn't fit in the equation.

Now onto Dana. She finally goes to the doctor to have the lump her and Lara found looked at. She has her first mammogram, and the doctor does find something that needs more examination. She will have to have a biopsy, probably next episode because it didn't happen tonight. As for Alice, she is still obsessed, but I think she is trying to work on it now. She is still over the top though, and at dinner Alice does corner Dana in the bathroom. However, the talk between the two was not as bad as it could have been, and that is a small blessing in this episode. Let's get Alice not crazy soon okay?

I really loved the dinner scene, even with its awkward moments. It was nice to see all the girls together again. Jenny looks wonderful here, but we can tell there is still trouble brewing under the service. We saw that last week as well with her staring longingly at the razor she found in Moira's glove compartment. Alice's craziness was more funny this week, but I still wish she would be not so obsessed over Dana.

I hope this improved episode this week means this series is making an improvement. I haven't been all that thrilled with the last two episodes of season three, but I found myself settling in and watching this episode more without wanting to scream at the screen like I have been doing the last couple of weeks. You can download a preview of next week's episode here courtesy of titan from Media Blvd. Don't forget to check my discussion topic on my forum for all the latest in L Word news and episode discussion.


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