Dancing With The Stars Week 2 Elimination

Friday, January 13, 2006

We've had our first shock of the season. I think a collective gasp was heard tonight when it was announced that actress Tatum O'Neal was eliminated from the competition. She was actually one of my favorites in this competition so far. She didn't have the best performance last night, but I was still quite pleased with her, especially after her performance last week.

In my mind, if anyone was set to go home this week it would be Master P and his partner Ashly Delgrosso. I love her, but her partner isn't the best. There was some improvement with his performance this week, but in comparison to the other performers, he was not up to par. Tatum was one of the better performers. However, the judges didn't feel the same way. She received a seventeen last night. I'm truly sad to see Tatum no longer a part of the competition.

On a sidenote, I'm not sure what the purpose of an hour long results show is here. The first half hour was just a recap of last night, and the second half hour was mostly filler with a dance performance and a musical performance by Jesse McCartney, accompanied by another dance performance. In my opinion, the results show is really a waste of time. Dancing With The Stars might be better to take a card from So You Think You Can Dance. That series showed the eliminations at the beginning of the show each week, but taped it the week before. This format might work better here as well.


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