An Announcement

Saturday, January 21, 2006

As many of my regular readers know I have another blog over on Media Village called Thoughts from the Couch. That blog covers entertainment news daily with a focus on television and movies. I am now happy to announce that I now also have my very own forum on Media Village. The forum is also called Thoughts from the Couch, and in that forum I'll have topics covering the shows I review here with episode discussion and series news. I will also have topics covering series I don't cover on here but still watch on a weekly basis. In addition to the expanded show coverage, I'll also have hot topics covering news from the entertainment world that interests me! The forums over at Media Village have been in operation a few months now, and we have a team of moderators covering everything related to television and media imaginable. Come join in on the discussion!


Paul Parducci said...

Great Blog!
I will link.
Yours in TV,

Gina said...

Thank you, Paul!

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