Dancing With The Stars Week 4 Elimination

Friday, January 27, 2006

Well, it finally happened! Rapper P Miller also known as Master P was eliminated from the competition tonight He had held on week after week by a great viewer voter turn out. This week he ended up in the bottom two with Tia Carrere. That actually surprised me.

In my mind, Tia was one of the better performers on last night's show, but the viewer vote put her in the bottom two. Is Tia not winning the voters over? Why? She has done well. There has been improvement each and every week. I don't see why she is the bottom two this week. If memory serves me right, she's been in the bottom two before as well, possibly last week. Why doesn't America like Tia Carrere?


Scott said...

I can't believe they got rid of P. Just another case of the man trying to keep a brother down. I guess I'll have to pour a little Cristal out for my fallen homey tonight.

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