Saturday Night Premiere: The Pacifier

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Last week's Saturday Night Premiere was missed due to illness, but I'm back this week with an all-new movie review. This week's Saturday Night Premiere comes to us from Starz in the form of The Pacifier. This action comedy stars Vin Diesel. He is a navy seal sent on an assignment to protect a family while their mother goes to find the key to a highly sensitive and in demand computer program her husband created before his death. The man left behind five children with his wife, varying in ages from their young teens to infancy.

Lt. Wolf is thrown into things head first. He may have military knowledge, but that by no means helps him here in this situation. We have quite a few humorous scenes while he stumbles through raising a family. An assignment that was supposed to only take a few days turns into a few weeks, and as time goes on he figures out how to handle the kids. Raising children is a bit of give and take, and a lot of love and hard work. He had part of that down, but he needed to allow himself to connect with the children. It is then that we are allowed a few even more humorous, while we also have a small hint of danger as people looking for the program end up coming to the family's house.

For ninety minutes, I was able to lose myself in this movie. I'm a fan of Vin's, but I was really wondering how well this movie would perform. I don't automatically think comedy when it comes to Vin. He is the current king of action films. However, he pulled off the comedic aspect needed for this film to work lovely. I've always loved movies like this that puts someone totally out of their element in a new environment. One such film like this that comes to mind is Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He did well in that film, and it also mixed elements of action and comedy with the cute kid factor. I'm not sure if The Pacifier did as well as this earlier film, but it definitely stands on its own. I'd highly recommend this film for a humorous ninety-minute getaway.

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DJSlim said...

good luck on the battle of the blogs against me. I like your site :)

hterry said...

I actually like that movie, and like you I was a might skeptical but he did pull it off.

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