TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.15

Thursday, February 09, 2006

From FOX: Tragic news forces the gang to sort out their problems and face the reality of the situation. After Sadie arrives in Newport, Ryan helps her move and get rid of Volchok, causing Ryan to question his and Marissa's relationship. Meanwhile, Kaitlin's winter break is over - just as she gets close to her family, she once again has to say goodbye. Will she ever return to the O.C.? And in the wake of Newport's latest events, Kirsten and Julie press on with their Valentine's Day party.

My Rating: 2 out of 4

The O.C. comes to us with an all-new episode titled The Heavy Lifting, and its Valentine's Day in Newport. However, before any romance and love can fill the hearts of those living in the area, the teens have to deal with the consequences of the events on last week's episode. Last week, Johnny fell off a cliff while at the beach with Kaitlin. Marissa and Ryan show up just in time to see his fall, and Ryan was there close enough to try to save him, but he was unsuccessful. This week's episode opens with our favorite four at the Cohen's waiting to hear what has happened with Johnny. A call from his mother soon comes in with the news of his death.

This news effects all the teenagers on the show, but most of the effect is on Kaitlin and Marissa. With Johnny's death, we see the arrival of a new character, Sadie played by Nikki Reed. She is Johnny's cousin, and she has come to stay with Johnny's mother to help her through this time. Nikki and her character will be seen on the series for a total of four episodes. Marissa goes to Johnny's to help Chili with Johnny's mother. Ryan feels like he failed by not saving Johnny.

Sadie and Marissa meet briefly, and she calls on Marissa again to meet at the diner. When Marissa goes, she learns that Johnny had asked his cousin to make her a Valentine's day gift, a necklace that linked the both of them together. Sadie even thinks that Marissa was his girlfriend, and she is shocked to find out otherwise. Something tells me there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Sadie. Johnny's old nemesis Volchok seems to be hanging around, and it looks like there is more than just paying respects to the dead involved. Is it possible Sadie and Volchok are former flames?

Johnny's mother has his memorial on the beach, and there is a number of people in attendance. Following the service, Ryan approaches Kaitin, and she tells him that she feels responsible for Johnny's death, but the conversation doesn't go well. Following the service, everyone ends up at The Bait Shop. Ryan and Sadie meet, and these two keep finding ways to talk to each other. Even with Valentine's Day, Ryan and Marissa aren't on the best of terms. Johnny's death has really effected Marissa, and she is still dealing with her feelings in regards to Johnny, especially after Sadie gives her the necklace Johnny had made for her. As hard as Ryan tries, Marissa pulls away from him, just like she did following the incident with Trey.

As for the Mini Cooper, she is also dealing with Johnny's death, but she has another problem. Winter Break is about to end, and her school flame decides to show up to drive her back to school. She doesn't open up to him on his first attempt, but it seems he is quite persistent. He keeps showing up, and by the end of the episode he has Kaitlin willing to return to school with him. She says her good-byes to her mother and sister, and she is off. Yet another character that comes in for just a few episodes, and then they quickly ride off into the sunset. This has happened a lot the last two seasons. Just when you get used to a character, they leave. I think that might really start to hurt this series if it keeps happening. Kaitlin was one of the better additions this season, and now she is gone. Let's hope she returns.

The other half of the fab four are dealing with their own issues as well. Last week, Summer found Seth's pot stash, and this week she confronts him on it and his lying to her about what was going on with him. He comes clean to her, but she isn't going to let him off the hook that easy. He tries to buy her underwear for Valentine's Day, but there is a mix up between the bags him and his father are carrying, and he gives Summer the lingerie meant for his mom. In any case, Summer says it wouldn't have worked anyway. By the end of the episode, Seth approaches Summer with his written confession at the Valentine's Day dance that Julie and Kirsten have put together for their dating service. Even with the event of Johnny's death, they go forward with the plans.

As for Julie, she is still trying to win the affections of Dr. Roberts, but it appears she isn't being all that successful. She keeps trying though, and at the dance all her hard work pays off because he finally asks her to be his Valentine. I really think these two make a cute couple. Kirsten is also successful in bringing Matt's lady of the moment, Maya to the dance. Although you have to wonder how honorable his intentions are. She is the daughter of the man they are trying to win over still for a very big business deal for the Newport Group. However, Matt says he actually does like her.

This week's episode of The O.C. is definitely a bit of a letdown after last week's episode. We had a couple of high intensity episodes, and this episode just felt slow to me. I'm also not too sure having Kaitlin leave was such a good idea. Another thing that bothers me is now we have another month long hiatus before new episodes will air. This is the third break for The O.C. this season. All-new episodes of The O.C. will return on March 9th.


Scarlet said...

I do NOT like this addition of Sadie!! NO NO NO! They need to leave Marissa and Ryan alone and this new chick is way too much like Teresa. Yuck, no.

Also, shouldn't they be thinking about college? Is Sandy busy building Newport University for them all to attend?

esam said...

i feel you ranked the o.c. a little low although it was not intense it did cover several issues that were just laying on the table as for catlin i am glad she is out of the picture all she did was cause trouble but however i do agree upon the fact that the o.c. is taking too many breaks this season and need to keep the episodes consistantly flowing

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