TV Review: Dancing With The Stars Week 5

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Week 5 of Dancing With The Stars brings up six couples dancing two dances each this week. Four celebrities and their partners have been eliminated so far. The last to be eliminated from the competition was the controversial Master P. He had stayed in the competition much longer than the judges felt he should have, even with him getting shockingly low scores during the previous weeks. The only thing that kept them there was a high viewer vote.

From this point in the competition on, we will see our celebrities and their partners dance two dances. One as a group, and the other solo. For the solo, they all will perform the same dance as well. For tonight, the two dances were the samba and the salsa.

To open the show, we saw Stacy Keibler wow the audience and the judges. She scored a perfect thirty for her samba, and it was well deserved. She definitely knows how to move out there on stage. Rumor has it, Stacy had dance training when she was younger, and this shows when she dances. Carrie Ann, one of the judges of the competition, even said she was better dancing than some of the professionals in the competition. By opening the show in this manner, she definitely put the pressure on the five remaining couples.

Next up was George Hamilton. Week after he has been one of the lowest performers. he has depended more on his charm and tricks than actual dancing skill. This week, his partner took him to the Los Angeles Zoo, in order to help him prepare for this week's samba performance. He did do one of his best performances this week, but he still scored in the bottom three of the couples. To me, when he dances he looks stiff.

Lisa and Louie came up next, and these two have been improving each and every week. Lisa is definitely putting a lot of time and effort into learning her dances. She is one busy lady too, so Louie is having to spend his days with her and squeeze in practice time whenever they can. She is really coming into her own the last two weeks, and she is now making herself a competitor in this competition. This week she came in third by points.

Our final three were Tia, Jerry and Drew. Tia has been coming in the bottom two in the competition consistently, and this week's performance didn't do anything for the judges or me. She seemed stiff and not like the character she was trying to portray. She did look great in the salsa group performance. As for Jerry, I definitely enjoyed this week's performance, but the judges didn't. He scored in the bottom two along side Tia. I think if you look at scores, it is between these two to go home this week. Drew did a wonderful samba as always. He makes up for the small errors he does by his artistic performance. He really looks like he is having fun out there, and that is one of the more important things we have to look for. Skill is important, but the performance is just as important.

Once all the couples performed their solos, it was time for the group performance. this week that was a salsa. The couples had to find time to work all together. All those people trying to work together to learn one dance led to some tense moments between them all. Drew was hit accidentally by his partner while dancing, and two of the professionals got a bit snippy with each other. The dancers weren't the only ones sniping at each other this week. The judges also went a bit back and forth over the dances and how well the celebrities did. There was much disagreement. however, the group performance went off really well, and everyone looked good performing.

Tomorrow night, we'll learn who will be sent home this week! My bet is on Tia. She's been consistently in the bottom two, and this week's performance really didn't do much for me. We'll find out tomorrow night though!

Stacy: 30
George: 24
Lisa: 25
Tia: 22
Jerry: 23
Drew: 27


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