Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Elimination

Friday, February 17, 2006

Well perhaps I take my television too seriously, but I am actually upset over Lisa Rinna being eliminated from the competition tonight. Not only because the fact she was my personal choice to win the competition, but the fact that she lost a spot in the final three to Jerry Rice, who we all know isn't as good a dancer as Lisa is. He even appeared shocked when it was announced he had been saved from elimination.

Lisa has been the dancer that improved the most during this competition, and she has really shined the last couple of weeks. I even voted for her myself last night via online. My brother watched the series for the first time last night, and he even said out of the four couples, he thought Lisa was the best. He said it appears to be a popularity contest more than a dance contest, and I think I might actually agree with him on that point.

I'm not really sure how Jerry could come from last place in the judges scoring with a 41 to stay in the competition. Lisa was in third place with 53 behind Stacy and Drew that were tied at 55. Lisa has put a lot of herself into this competition, and when you compare the dancers the top three scorers from last night's show should be the ones that remain. I think Jerry has done well, but he just isn't up to the same level the other three celebrities are.

I think this competition is now between Stacy and Drew. Let's hope Jerry doesn't come from behind and take it all. Stacy and Drew have both been excellent throughout. Let's not have a repeat of season one in which Kelly Monaco came from dead last place to become champion. Next Thursday night, we have the finals. Then on Sunday, February 26th, we have the grand finale where one of our couples will be crowned champion.


Camomille said...

I think that Jerry tried hard. However, I think Lisa tried extremely hard and improved the most. I felt she should have made the top three. Some of her dances were outstanding. I thought that the final three should have been Stacy, Drew and Lisa. They all cared, but I just felt Lisa was doing a fabulous job and I truly hate to see her eliminated.

dolores said...

i am so upset over lisa and louie getting eliminated!it was so unfair!lisa deserved to be in the finals and is definitely a better dancer than jerry! i love the show but feel as though it has become a giant popularity contest after that whole mess with master p!it feels as if the judges scores do not matter nor the fact that lisa and louie worked so hard!!! i have losr respect for the show and feel that making lisa and louie leave was he biggest mistake i have seen since the show started!!!!i feel such a big letdown and will hate watching it without them!

dolores said...

how dare they let lisa and louie go!there was no comparison to them and jerry rice no matter how popular he is!!!does hard work no longer matter?lisa truly deserved to be in the finals!!! she was the most uplifting person there and she and louie were wonderful together!!i am so upset that i dont even feel like watching anymore!it is a dance contest not a popularity contest!!!watching master p was bad enough and letting other people go instead of him was not at all fair!!!bt lis and louie DESERVED TO BE IN NEXT WEEKS FINALS!what a big mistake and what a loss for her fans!!!

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