Dancing With The Stars Week 6 Elimination

Friday, February 10, 2006

This week's results show was probably one of the better results shows in this series. A performance by Natasha Bedingfield, another performance of the classic song from Dirty Dancing by Bill Medley with a dance taken from the movie by two of our professional dancers on the show, and another dance performed by a group of dancers from one of the professonial's dance classes. All this made for a somewhat enjoyable hour while we waited to find out who went home.

The first announced safe tonight actually gave us a pretty good idea on who would be sent home at the end of the hour. Jerry Rice and his partner will be around for at least another week. By the end of the hour we knew that the other lowest scorer from last night's show had been eliminated. George Hamilton had brought some lightheartedness and fun to the competition, but his skill was definitely not up to par in what was needed at this stage in the game.

The other four couples do have some skill, and I still believe it is between the top three couples. Jerry Rice is an okay dancer, but I think it would take a miracle for him to pull off a win here. Stacy is certainly a favorite, but I'd love to see Lisa Rinna come from third and take it all.


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