American Idol Top 24 Eliminations

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well, America has spoken, and four of the top twenty-four are now on their way home. The eliminations in my mind weren't all too surprising on the female side. however, I'm a bit shocked with one of the males eliminated tonight. Before we get to those eliminations though, let's talk about the show. The first half of tonight's program contained a group performance of Taking' it Easy. The rest of the first half of the program was review of the last two nights. Once eliminated, the singers also performed one final time as well.

Now let's move on to the ladies eliminated. Tonight, we saw Becky O'Donahue and Stevie Scott go home. Stevie was probably one of my least favorite performances last night, and on my forum I even said it was possible she would go home tonight. Seeing Becky go home now is a bit surprising now that I think about it again, but she wasn't one of the better performances last night either.

As for the men, tonight we saw Bobby Bennett and Patrick Hall sent home. Bobby gave one of the worst performances last night, and I saw many choose him to go home. However, I'm a bit shocked to see Patrick Hall go home at this point in the competition. He wasn't one of the best performances last night, but there were a few that were worse than him. I was actually sad to see him go home now. I thought for sure we'd see David Radford eliminated tonight.

Looks like my Blog of the week, The Dramedy of Life, agrees with me on Patrick Hall's elimination. Hop on over and click my blog of the week on my sidebar to find out another's person's perspective on this week's eliminations.


Jill Monroe said...

I wasn't surprised by the girls who left, nor Bobby, but Patrick did leave me a bit surprised. I really liked him during Hollywood Week, but his performance on Tuesday was really weak.

Shelly said...

His performance wasn't as strong as some he's done in the past, but he was not weak enough to get booted. There were several others that were 'worse.' I'm interested in seeing how next week goes. It's already started off unpredictable!

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