Dancing With The Stars Week 6 Competition

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dancing With The Stars enters its six week this week, and we have five couples left in the competition. Three of those couples clearly stand out as contenders for the title, two of those being near perfect. However, we shouldn't count the third out because as we know anything can happen when the vote goes to the American public. This week one more couple will face elimination before next week's semi-final round. Let's talk about tonight's competition.

On tonight's episode, each of our couples had a different dance to perform, and once again we had a group performance. This time it was the Viennese Waltz. This week, the show opened with a Paso Doble by Jerry Rice. In my mind, not one of his better performances, but he definitely tried. He had other commitments this past weekend with an appearance at the Super Bowl. Did he have enough time to perfect his performance with all he had happening? It's possible he didn't, but he did try. He received the lowest scores from the judges.

Next up, we had Drew Lachey with a tango performed to the Black Eyed Peas. Week after week, Drew has performed consistently well. What small problems he had, it looks like Cheryl and Drew were able to fix. The judges had mentioned an issue with his shoulders, and the couple found a way to work around that. This week's performance was his best of the competition, and it showed when the judges offered him praise and a perfect score.

We then moved on to the rumba by George Hamilton. George may not have all the dancing skill of the others, but he does add personality to his performances. This was one of his better performances, but the judges seemed to disagree on that fact. Len Goodman said he was disappointed in the performance in fact. He tied for last place with Jerry Rice.

Lisa Rinna came up next with a quickstep, a ballroom dance. She had performed poorly week one with another ballroom dance, and she definitely felt that pressure to step up her ballroom this week. Louie even had Lisa attend etiquette listens in hopes of improving her form for ballroom. Personally, I wasn't all that impressed by her performance, but the judges loved her. She received her highest scores of the competition, and she is a contender for this competition. She is also a contender for a Daytime Emmy for co-hosting Soap Talk.

Lastly, we saw Stacy Keibler perform a jive. Stacy has been nearly perfect throughout this competition, and this performance was no exception. This time Stacy and her partner took their jive to the troops, and they brought a smile to some of their faces. The judges found one not fault with their performance, and for the second week in a row they earned a perfect score.

Once all our couples performed, we had one more dance, the group Viennese waltz. One of the more difficult ballroom dances. It looks easy, but it isn't. They all did well though. My vote for the celebrity to head home tomorrow is for George Hamilton. Jerry has done well enough in my mind to make it to the semi-finals, but it could just as easily be Jerry going home tomorrow. Check back here tomorrow night for the results.

Jerry Rice: 23
Drew Lachey - 30
George Hamilton - 23
Lisa Rinna - 27
Stacy Keibler - 30


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