TV Review: The L Word Episode 3.08

Sunday, February 26, 2006

FROM Showtime: Moira informs everyone she is to be called Max; Kit gets a helping hand from Nona Hendryx; Helena takes Dana and the girls to a basketball game; Jenny gets busy trying to throw Max a benefit party; Tina moves out of Bette's bed; and Dana gets a new look.

My Rating: 2 out 4

This Well, the past few episodes had really improved from the episodes earlier on in the season. however, tonight's episode titled Latecomer just fell a bit short with me. As with the past two episodes, the opening scene took us back to a scene earlier on in the lives of our favorite lesbians. Tonight that scene took us back to the break-up of Dana and Alice, and I think my heart broke a little seeing it. Obviously Dana still loved her too, but she was the one that pulled away.

It sort of explained why Alice lost it at the beginning of the season, and it also explains why she is being so great with Dana now. Alice has basically taken on the role of care giver when it comes to Dana now that Lara is gone. Dana is also opening up to Alice more and more, and we see that as the episode progresses. Dana let's Alice take her to Shane to cut her hair, and she is the first to see Dana in her new post operative state. Dana really leans on Alice now, and Alice allows her to.

Everyone sees Dana's new look, and Helena even surprises her by taking everyone on her private jet to see Dana's favorite basketball team play in a game up north. When they arrive, Dana is surprised further by an announcement of her presence in the arena. Her first extinct is to run, but "Max" stops her.

A good part of this episode surrounds the arrival of Max. Moira officially asks everyone to only address her by the male name and as a man. You can definitely see the changes in Max already. However, not all of them are good. The hormones are having an adverse affect on Max's personality. We see one instance of this when Jenny tells Max she is writing their story. Max freaks out, and scares Jenny. Shane and Carmen come into the room, and the scene breaks up. However, from the previews for next week, this isn't the last time something of this nature will happen. Max also talks to Dana a great deal during the basketball trip, and he explains to the woman why he is doing what he is. In the end, Dana seems to understand, but that isn't quite clear.

Tina and Bette's problems continue this week, even though Tina didn't go through with sleeping with Josh at the start of the episode, Bette asks Tina to move out, but she backs off a bit and tells Tina to move into the guest room. This story is really starting to anger me because of the way these characters are being portrayed. This story line is probably my least favorite of this season. When season two ended, these two were on the mend. Season three opens six months later, and they have fallen apart. We still don't know why. Bette even gets mad at Tina for going to spend time with Kit when she is recording. She basically tells Tina that she isn't allowed to do that anymore because they are no longer a couple. That one threw me for a loop. Have both Bette and Tina completely lost it?

Speaking of losing it, what is up with Carmen? In tonight's episode, she had a dream that Shane gave Cherie a tattoo like the one they have, and because of that dream Shane is put in the dog house. I'm sorry, but that is just ridiculous. Yes, Shane cheated with Cherie, but come on it was just a dream. Shane didn't actually do that! It is obvious that Carmen has some issues, and I am liking her character less and less as this season progresses.

The story line I'm enjoying the most at the moment is that of Dylan and Helena. That will soon change next week based upon what I saw in the previews, but this week these two were hot. These two are definitely moving towards something, but that will soon all change. I will take this week's hotness and keep it locked in my memory.

Kit also had things to do this episode. We saw the return of Betty as they help Kit cut a record. Angus tries to help, but it is obvious no one wants his input. he actually leaves, but when he comes back he and Kit into some heated discussion that the ladies of Betty decide to listen to. Once they hear a bit, they side on his side, and Kit ends up backing down. Sigh I miss the Kit and Ivan story line like you wouldn't believe. I know kit is straight, but Angus annoys me a bit.

This episode just didn't do much for me. It had its good points, but I'm not sure I like the way some of the story lines are progressing. Maybe things will improve next week. This week just didn't cut it.


Purpleshades said...

I love The L word. I didn't catch this weeks episode yet. I'll have to make sure to watch it on demand. thanks for the review.

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