TV Review: Bones Episode 1.13

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

From FOX: Booth and Brennan investigate when a Salvadoran gang member is stopped with a dug-up corpse of a young woman in the trunk of his car. While he’s being questioned, a drive-by shooting at the site gives the suspect a chance to escape. Booth and Brennan are able to find where the woman was buried – a soon-to-be-excavated community garden – but when they investigate her vacant grave, they find a second empty grave as well. Clues lead them to a wealthy senator’s house where the gang member worked, and the investigation gets more complicated as nobody is willing to offer up the truth.

My Rating: 2 out of 4

Booth and Bones are called in a Salvadoran neighborhood when a woman’s body is found in the trunk of a gang bangers car. it appears the woman was dug up from a grave, but she has no identity. This brings Bones into the case, but the case becomes personal when a drive-by occurs when her and Booth are on scene, allowing the gang banger to get away. Booth goes to work interrogating suspects, and Bones goes to work on identifying the woman, so they can give her a proper burial. While talking to one man, he finds out that it looks like the drive-by was set up by the gang bangers own gang in order to allow him to get away.

Bones is at work as well, and she founds out the woman was five weeks pregnant when she was killed by a blow to the head. They also find out it was buried in what appears to be a vegetable garden because of a flower found in gardens. Bones can’t identify the plant on sight, but Hodgins can, so they take him back to the neighborhood they found the body in. they are able to quickly find the garden where she was buried. They also find that another body was buried in that garden at one point, but it is now gone. Both finds the garden was set to be destroyed, so it appears the gang banger was in the process of moving two murder victims when he was caught.

Hodgins continues on searching, and he finds more plant life, but this time the plant life is rare and only located in two places, one of them being the Botanical Gardens at the White House and the other in a Senator’s private garden. The senator has a connection to the Salvadoran people, and it is possible the gang banger worked on or around one of those sites. Once at the Senator’s house, the three go to work asking questions.

Once they find a pond on the land, Hodgins goes to check things out there, and he finds something. They also find out that it is possible the man that escaped from them worked on the property. Bones goes to check what Hodgins found, and this is when they find the second body. They take the second body back to the lab, and the person first appears to have been killed by a gun shot. Also the second body appears to be the woman’s father, and we later learn he didn’t die from a gun shot but of natural causes.

They find the address of the man that ran off, and they go to his house. Once there they find the man’s family, nut there is no sign of the man, Jose Vargas. The woman is taken into custody by immigration, but she obtains a lawyer. Vargas is dropped off as a message to Booth. Once Bones looks at his x-rays, she finds Jose Vargas is related to the woman and her father that were killed. He didn’t kill them. Bones tries to get the man to tell him about his sister and father, and the only information he gives them is their names.

Bones and Booth then interrogate the gang leader of Jose’s gang, but he doesn’t give them any more information than they already have. He also says he will help them find the killers. He tries to scare Bones, but we all know how well she can handle herself. She beats him up pretty good as well. Angela is angry with her for this, Bones doesn’t apologize for beating the guy up. She tells Angela of the time when she went to El Salvador, and she was captured there by militia and held for three days. We learn more and more about this exciting character’s history with each episode. Each of these events shaped her into the person she is presently. However, her little altercation with the gang leader has now added a hit onto her head that Booth has to deal with.

Another Hodgins discovery leads the three back to the Senator’s house. It appears the wood that was used to kill her would be the type to be in that type of house, and they find out from the house manager that she had an affair with Logan, the senator’s son. Bones finds blood and skin left on the son’s bed post, and Logan is taken in for questioning. This is where he learns that Maria, the woman, was pregnant.

Angela and Bones go to work to try to figure out how Maria was killed. They have three suspects, but Bones figures out the woman was killed when she hit her head from a fall after being pulled off a ladder. Not a murder, but a horrible accident. Bones finds out that the house manager was the one that did it. He ended up driving her home, but he thought she’d go to the hospital or doctor. Because she was illegal there was no way she could do that.

A good episode of Bones, but one of the series best. It did have some good moments, but I felt it dragged on a little bit in parts. I did enjoy the additional insight into Bones character, and I also enjoyed Booth going into caveman protector mode when it came to the gang leader. Bones is on hiatus for three weeks, and when it returns it will be an all new time slot.


What? "Bones"less for THREE WEEKS??? Say it ain't so!

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