Dancing With The Stars: The Finals

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Well, last week we saw our couples dwindle down to three when in an upset, Lisa Rinna was eliminated from the competition. Tonight, our three remaining couples danced for our judges and America one final time for their vote. Who shined and who didn't on tonight's show?

First, let's talk about the program itself. Tonight's episode was an expanded two hour edition with the recent placing of Crumbs on hiatus by ABC. Tonight's competition didn't truly get under way until part way into the second hour of the broadcast. Prior to that, we saw a recap of the final three couples performances and also some of the special performances made by our professionals during the results shows of the competition.

By the time our three couples took the stage, I was more than ready to see what they were going to do tonight. For tonight's competition, they were given the choice of performing one of their favorite past performances and then they were given the chance to perform a freestyle they choreographed themselves. This was there chance to forget the rules and just let loose. Did they do that? I'll take a look at them now one by one.

First up tonight was Jerry Rice. He shocked me and many others by staying on past last week's elimination. Out of the three remaining couples, he is the least up to par when it comes to dancing. That was shown again tonight. However, the judges gave him the highest scores he's received of this competition so far. In my mind, he didn't deserve them. During his freestyle performance especially, he looked stiff, and I think his partner is what is saving him here. I will say those lifts were impressive, but other than that I wasn't all that impressed with Jerry's performance tonight.

Next up, we had Stacy Keibler. She's the best female of this competition, and tonight it didn't look like it was her night. With her partner, she performed their jive. This was a great performance, and they did receive a perfect score. However, when it came time for their freestyle performance, it looked like a different Stacy took the stage. I was truly disappointed with her freestyle performance. This was Stacy's opportunity to take a few risks and do something different. She stayed safe in my opinion, and in my mind this could possibly hurt her. It could even possibly cost her the competition.

Last up, we had Drew Lachey. He has done extremely well, and he is the best male celebrity dancer of this competition. He stood up tonight and he did well. He was my favorite tonight by far. With his partner, he performed a repeat of their paso doble to Thriller. The first time I saw this performance I loved it, and I loved it again tonight. As for their freestyle, they went all out. They definitely went beyond the norm. Cheryl and Drew did a country type dance that definitely mixed up some styles. In my mind, they deserve to win this competition.

My one concern here is Jerry Rice. With such high scores given to him, do we have a chance for an upset here? I hope not. Last season, we saw Kelly Monaco come from behind to win the competition. Let's not have the same happen. Place your vote, America! Check back her Sunday Night for the results of this competition following a special two hour grand finale episode of Dancing With The Stars!

Jerry Rice: 26 - 27 - 53 total
Stacy Keibler: 30 - 26 - 56 total
Drew Lachey: 30 - 30 - 60 total


Shelly said...

The judges want us to feel like booting Lisa off was justified. That's all. Jerry wasn't the better dancer but ABC has to save some face. I think Stacy is great, but Drew and his partner are awesome.

Gina said...

We just have to hope that ABC saving face doesn't give Jerry the win here. He doesn't deserve it. Not by a long shot.

Shelly said...

I completely agree, Gina. If he were to win, I don't think ABC could bring the show back next year. I know I certainly wouldn't watch it. I really hope they change the 'rules' next year. Having other professional dancers and trainers judge them is the way they should go. Not who has the most fans out there.

kkt said...

I wish this show would do away with the judges. They annoy me. I wouldn't be bothered if Jerry Rice won, but I absolutely adore Drew. So much so, that this rocker-chick might be willing to listen to 98ยบ every now and then!!

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