TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.16

Sunday, February 05, 2006

FROM ABC: Meredith's fears that she is in for a bad day are realized when a medical case arrives at Seattle Grace that threatens the lives of everyone in the O.R.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

Well, the Super Bowl ended, and Pittsburgh won. I personally was rooting for Seattle, but Pittsburgh did well. Then came the episode all Grey's Anatomy fans had been waiting a long time for. It was announced back in November that Grey's Anatomy would be seen in the coveted post - Super Bowl spot. Much of the episode's plot was kept under wraps. All we knew was that the episode would guest star Christina Ricci, as someone in a life threatening situation, but not a patient. We also then learned in weeks that followed the episode would involve a Code Black, but no one was saying exactly what a Code Black was. Now we know. Let's talk about tonight's episode titled It's the end of the world, which always reminds me of that one song by R.E.M.

We open the episode with Meredith having a bad feeling for the day. She doesn't even want to get out of bed or go into work. Izzie and George finally have to call in Cristina and she gets Meredith to the hospital. When they arrive, Bailey walks in the front door and we can definitely see the Nazi has not changed her ways. Apparently her interns have chased away not just one resident, but two. We think Bailey is back in for work, but we soon learn she is in labor, as her water breaks all over George's shoes.

As she is shoved into a wheelchair by George, an ambulance comes in with a woman screaming her head off covered in blood. Cristina and Alex can see that the young paramedic woman has her hand inside the patient's chest. A man that turns out to be the husband of the woman screaming. They are taken into the ER, and Burke is immediately on the case. After he tells Cristina to leave, Meredith is then on the case with him.

Since the paramedic, Hannah, has her hand inside the man, she is taken up to the O.R. with the surgical team, and they begin work to find out what happened to the man. Once the woman calms down, the man's friend arrives on scene, and he tells Alex what happened. We learn that the two men had built a handmade bazooka, and when it didn't fire properly, the man went to go check on it. That is when it fired, and the bazooka shot the round into his chest. However, it didn't go off. This means it is still live inside the man, and it is quite possible the only thing stopping it from going off is the fact Hannah has her hand resting on it.

Alex runs up to the O.R., and he arrives just in time to stop Burke from having Hannah remove her hand. It is then that the Code Black is called, and the surgical wing of the hospital is evacuated. However, we have a problem. In the O.R. next door, Derek is working on Bailey's husband. On his way to the hospital, he got into an accident, and now Derek is performing brain surgery. With the man's brain open on the operating table, Derek isn't willing to evacuate, so he ignores the Code Black order. He is more scared of what Bailey will do to him if her husband dies on the table because he left him there.

Soon the bomb squad is called, and very few are left in the O.R. where the man is. Hannah's hand is still inside him, and the anesthesiologist stays long enough to freak out and leave her there with one hand inside the man and the other keeping air going into the man. With the bomb squad on scene, they are making sure the wing is evacuated, but they find out it isn't. The man in charge, guest star Kyle Chandler, tells Derek to do what he has to do to get out of there. As the man from the bomb squad and Burke are checking on the status of the charge, Hannah begins to freak out, and Yang calls for Burke to come in. He arrives just in time to see the girl pull her hand out of the man. The bomb doesn't go off though because in that split second Meredith has slipped her hand inside. The episode ends with her hand inside the man, and we'll have to wait to see what happens next week.

The action in the O.R. isn't all that is happening on tonight's Grey's Anatomy. With the Code Black setting everyone on edge, Izzie makes a daring move, and she approaches Alex. We finally see these two hook-up as Izzie demands he drops his pants. George also has a steamy dream of his three fellow interns in the shower, and Bailey is still in labor. However, when she learns her husband is in the O.R. with Derek, she is adamant that she put off labor. However, labor doesn't work that way.

This episode was suspenseful and intense. It had me on the edge, and it was one of the best episodes of Grey's this season. I just hate having to wait til next week to find out what happens next. also, the one thing that bothered me about the end was how did Meredith move fast enough to not have the bomb go off once Hannah panicked and ran. That was really quick action on her part. Great episode though. Can't wait for what happens next! Download a preview of next week's episode, courtesy of, here.


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Omgomgomg, I have this Tivoed but it was SO hard not to read your review!

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