TV Review: Lost Episode 2.13

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

From ABC: Survivors fear that "The Others" may have returned when Sun is injured during a failed kidnapping attempt. Meanwhile, Sawyer is an amused but highly interested bystander when tension escalates between Jack, Locke, Kate and Ana Lucia.

My Rating: 3 out of 4

Tonight's episode titled The Long Con was a Sawyer-centric, and I'll admit I wasn't all that impressed with most of this episode. It felt slow, probably even slower than the last episode. However, there are some scenes that definitely saved this episode and made it worthwhile. Let's first talk about this episode.

It opens with Locke and Jack in the hatch's gun room. They are locking up all the guns, and when doing so Jack asks for the combination that allows someone into the room. Locke is skeptical, and he does give a small speech about the possible reasons Jack may have for wanting the combination.It then appears Locke tells Jack to also watch the medicine. We then jump to Sawyer and Charlie talking at their camp. Charlie has just moved in next to Sawyer, and they are both not on the island's most popular list.

While they are talking, Charlie tells Sawyer that he should be more concerned with Jack going through his tent. Sawyer stalks over and sees Jack taking his stash of pain medicine. After Jack leaves, Kate comes to Sawyer's tent to help console him about losing his pain medicine with a magazine as a peace offering of sorts. The two discuss Ana Lucia and Jack's army. Turns out Kate hadn't heard about it. Ana Lucia and Jack aren't really having much luck finding people to join the army though. Ana Lucia says it is because people aren't scared enough on the island. They think they are safe.

We then jump to Sun in her garden. As a sudden rain begins to fall, we see someone attempt to kidnap her. Her screams are heard by Sawyer and Kate, and they run to find her just outside her garden unconscious and bound. This incident certainly brings everyone ready to fight. Jin immediately calls for a gun once Sun wakes up. Looks like Ana Lucia won't have any problem finding volunteers for her army now.

Kate and Sawyer begin to investigate the area around the garden, and Sawyer starts to think the failed kidnapping attempt wasn't the return of the others, but someone within the camp. Suspicion automatically falls on Ana Lucia. Kate is finally convinced of her involvement, and she sends Sawyer off to warn Locke that Jack and the others are coming for the guns. Locke decides to move the guns, leaving Sawyer on button duty. When Jack arrives, the guns are gone, and Sawyer is less than helpful.

When Jack returns to the camp, he immediately goes after Locke. The two get into a heated discussion with most of the camp watching. We then hear gun fire nearby, and within moments we see Sawyer coming out from the jungle holding a gun. He now has all the guns, and that is the way it will stay. Sawyer probably has one of the best scenes and speech this season in my opinion. He played the long con on the islanders. He had played Mr. Relatively Nice Guy since he returned from the other side of the island with the tallies, but that is over. His true colors shine through.

We see shades of this man with tonight's flashback sequences. He even gave up on the love of a woman to con her out of her money. Or was she conning him? This was definitely an odd relationship at best. How did Sawyer know where Locke stashed the guns though? He was in the hatch on button duty. Kate even confronts him to ask how he did it. We soon learn Sawyer didn't work alone. Charlie worked with him, and it was Charlie that tried to kidnap Sun to start the ball rolling.

Sawyer tries to give Charlie one of his Virgin Mary's, but he didn't help Sawyer for that he says. He wanted to make Locke look like the fool, and it appears he succeeded. Charlie does appear to feel bad for his action's with Sun, but he is definitely not the same loveable Charlie of last season. Perhaps this is the result of when he was kidnapped with Claire. The effects could have possibly shown up later, triggered by losing Claire again.

A small side plot on this episode revolves around Hurley and Sayid. Hurley finds the radio Rose's husband had picked up Boone's message on, and he takes it to Sayid. Sayid at first says there is no hope to use the radio, but by the end of the episode he has fixed it up so that it could pick up a longer signal. The radio ends up picking up a radio of broadcast of Glenn Miller music, which the two sit and listen to for a few moments.

As I mentioned at the start of my review, this episode started off by not impressing much at all. However, Sawyer saved the episode for me. His one-liners and his conning the other survivors does put a new twist on things. Charlie and Sawyer together could definitely be unstoppable. I am still not all that happy with how they have turned Charlie into a villian, and Sawyer had actually become likeable in recent episodes. I know that was all part of the con, but still it kind of sucks they have to both turn bad in this series. To download a preview of next week's episode, courtesy of txvoodoo on livejournal, click here. For all the latest in Lost news, check out my forum.


The Rush Blog said...

Five people acted like a bunch of jackasses in this episode - Jack, Locke, Kate, Charlie and Sawyer. That's right. I included Sawyer. He pulled this con, because Jack took a bottle of aspirin from his tent . . . and some of the castaways took his things after he left the island at the end of S1. Instead of taking the bottle back by force, he instigated this con that not only led to his BRIEF control of the guns, but gave Charlie the opportunity to assault Sun . . . because he was pissed off at Locke.

Dealing with Jack and Locke's infantile power play and Kate's stupidity was bad enough. But Sawyer's con job was the most childish thing I had ever seen on this show.

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