TV review: So You Think You Can Dance - The Finale

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back in July, the dead of summer, where there is usually no decent television to speak of So You Think You Can Dance hit the airwaves on FOX. It followed on the heels of highly popular Dancing With The Stars on ABC. Now if you check back on my reviews of the show I wasn't the biggest fan of the early on episodes. To me the audition process was dragged on much longer than necessary. I'm not a dancer, so maybe someone with dance training enjoyed this coverage. However almost six hours of auditions didn't make for entertaining television to me.

Once we had our set of fifty and work began to start dwindling them down to our top sixteen, that is when things got interesting for me. That is also when the rest of America began to tune in each week it seems. Once the competition truly got underway, and the phones were open to voting America chimed in. They made this show have some very high voting numbers - 28.5 million have called in. They even beat American Idol voting numbers some nights. Now all we have watched up to this point has led us here to this one night.

Over the past two months, we've watched these dancers make their way into America's hearts with their moves each week. We've been shocked. We've been involved. Just look at the comments to my posts each week on Blogcritics, and you can see we have people involved in the outcome to this show. They jump in with their thoughts on their personal favorites, and even some thoughts on what can make this show even better in future seasons in case those powers that be at FOX are reading. I'm wondering if anyone else noticed how song information was added to the show the same week it was mentioned in comments here. So it very possible the network is watching. However, we shall never know! That could have just been a small coincidence.

Personally, my thoughts on this show have totally turned around. I went from almost hating it to loving it. I scream at the television each week while its on. I'm just as involved as you all are here. I'm actually sad to see this show come to an end, but hopefully it will return and be even better next time. Now let's talk about tonight's show.

This week's show had some surprises in store for us. We not only had the return of the rest of the top sixteen dancers, but other surprise special guests that popped up out of nowhere. Throughout the episode, we were also taken back during the past weeks to see our dancers as they grew during this competition. The show began with a performance by the entire top sixteen dancers choreographed by Shane Sparks. These sixteen dancers owned the stage, and it was nice to see them all back for this special performance.

This performance was followed by another special guest performance. This time a partner dance with Alex Da Silva. He starts out with one female at his side, but in a total surprise, host Lauren Sanchez, replaces this female as his partner and she sizzles the stage with Alex. Now I had no idea she could dance and do it so well. Perhaps this is why she was chosen as this show's host. I always had wondered about this. She did say it took a lot of rehearsal time in order to perform, but she looked great on stage.

There was one more guest performance before we saw our final four in action one last time before the winner was announced. During auditions, one male dancer was put down by Nigel as being not masculine enough during his performance. This man, Anthony Bryant, returned tonight, and Nigel had to eat his words. One final guest performance came in near the end of tonight's show with an amazing special performance by The Groovaloo's, a hip hop dance crew.

After Bryant's performance, our dancers returned. This week they were allowed to pick one of their past performances to dance for America. Their partner for the performance also returned, and these dancers once again demonstrated to America why they were the last four on stage at the end of this competition. Nick chose his disco performance. Ashle once again performed her samba with Blake. Those that loved Jamile's hip hop performance with Destini the first time it aired were able to see it again, and Melody chose her Broadway performance with Nick.

During and after these performances, we learned how America voted. The first one eliminated from the competition coming in fourth with only 8.8% of the vote was Ashle Dawson. Next to go was Jamile McGee with 24.9% of the vote. This left Melody Lacayanga and Nick Lazzarini. At the very end of tonight's program we learned that Nick won with 37.7% of the vote. Melody came in second with 28.6%.

Each and every week, Nick had performed well. All these dancers have though. Each and every single one of the dancers in the top sixteen will be dancing in one form or the other for some time to come. The top four do have brilliant careers ahead of them. Nick may have won, but the other top three have also won by going as far as they did in the competition. They will find work as dancers. I will miss this show. It has become a part of my week each week. As I said earlier, I became involved in the outcome. Unlike the result to prior dance competition show, Dancing With The Stars on ABC, I was quite pleased with how this show played out. Nick is an amazing dancer, and he deserved to win this competition.

I can't wait to see So You Think You Can Dance next season. Not sure when that will be. I hope some changes are made to make this show even better than it is now. Shorter show times would be a good start. I didn't mind the 90 minute shows so much, but the two hour long broadcasts were a bit tedious. However, I enjoyed the faster pace that came with the sixty minutes programs.

What do you think America? Were you pleased with the result of this competition? What do you think could be done to make this show even better for future seasons or are you happy with this show just as it is?

Music used on tonight's show

Group performance - Pump it by Black Eyed Peas
Alex Da Silva/Lauren Sanchez - Caravan by Eddie Torres and his mambo kings
Anthony Bryant - Love with my eyes closed by Michael Bolton
Groovaloo's - It's Just Begin - Groovaloo Mix
Nick/Kamilah - You make me feel mighty real by Sylvester
Ashle/Blake - Jazz Machine by Black Machine
Jamile/Destini - Shake by the Ying Yang Twins
Melody/Nick - All that jazz by Ute Lemper


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just wondering, do you know what the song was for the tribute video for nick and melody? its a song that played and the word " forvever " kept repeating.

cookies=true said...

I have that same question. The song was beautiful, but I never heard it before.

Anonymous said...

lighthouse family: high

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