TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.03

Monday, October 10, 2005

The secrets are out. We all knew they had to come out sometime. We just didn't know they would both come out in the same episode! Oh my! Talk about a bad day for the interns working the floors of Seattle Grace. This week's episode starts with a morning jog with Meredith and Cristina. Once again they share their problems with their bosses and boyfriends - well ex-boyfriends. Meredith seems to think the endorphins from the run will improve their moods. Does it? What do you think? Right! The answer would be a big fat no.

We then jump to the hospital where the day has begun, and it looks to be an exciting one already. We join our interns as they are walking down the halls and gasp - Isobel is trying to talk up Alex to the others. He really is sweet she says, but they aren't buying it. The others even question her on whether or not she has a thing for Alex. She firmly denies that!

The day continues with Dr. Webber returning to the hospital and ready to work. However, Derek isn't ready to allow him back into the OR yet. It has only been a week since his surgery. We then jump back to our interns who are going through rounds. The first case of the day is a young woman that suffers from terminal blushing, and she is having surgery to correct the problem.

Just as they leave another case is coming in from the pit, and low and behold our first secret is out of the bag, and the opening credits haven't even rolled yet. The patient is Meredith's mother, who seems quite agitated about being brought in. Everyone immediately recognizes her, and this does cause a bit of a problem for Dr. Meredith Grey. We all knew the secret wouldn't be kept forever, but I never thought it would be leaked so soon.

The interns are assigned their cases. Alex gets blushing girl. George gets Elder Dr. Grey. Yang gets to work with Burke, and Isobel is sent up to the neonatal ICU to work with the Dr. Shepards on a case. Meredith is assigned to work scut - basically paper pushing detail because she won't take the day off. However, she does get out of this by using Derek to get a spot on a surgery.

Isobel is an awkward position when she is in between the two warring Shephards. Addison is working on a preemie case, and she wants Derek to perform a spinal surgery on the tiny baby. He thinks the baby is a lost cause, and Addison has to let the baby go. He walks away from the case, but Addison still thinks the baby can make it. At the end of the episode, the two warring Shephards came to a conclusion about the case. Derek gives the baby another look, and the baby does seem to be fighting. If her condition continues to improve, Derek will be willing to perform the surgery. Addison also seems to be fighting here. She wants her husband back. She still loves him, but it doesn't appear he is having it.

Poor George. He didn't know what he was getting into when he took on Elder Dr. Grey's case now did he? She thinks he looks like her husband, Meredith's father, and Dr. Webber even confirms the resemblance. Now how much of a shot does the guy have with Meredith if he looks like her father? Not much I bet. He has a time with her mother, and he even has to ask others to help him with her. We learn that there seems to be a tumor on her liver, but after a biopsy is performed by Burke we learn that is benign. This actually saddens Meredith more than if the tumor had been cancerous. With all the exhaustion and the stress of the day, we see Meredith turning to the one man she has been doing her hardest to hate - Derek. She is tired of hating him because she says that is the most exhausting thing of all. Looks like these two are back on the mend, but we will have to wait and see next week now won't we?

Now let's go to secret number two. This one I knew would come out sooner rather than later, but I actually expected this one to come out before the Grey secret. While in surgery with Burke, Cristina collapses, and we learn that she had an ectopic pregnancy in which one of her Fallopian tubes burst. She is rushed into emergency surgery under the care of Addison Shephard with Izzie and Dr. Bailey watching over. Meredith wants in the room, but Bailey won't let her in out of respect for Cristina. Does the nazi have a heart? We've seen shades of it in the last few episodes. Yang ends up out of surgery, and Burke is also concerned about her welfare. I actually felt bad for Burke here. He found out he was going to be a father and lose the baby by just reading the white board on the wall. What a way to find out!

With each week that passes I love this show even more the week before. In my opinion, Grey's Anatomy is one of the best shows on television. It has compelling characters and good storytelling each and every week. Not many shows would let two of their biggest cats out of the bag in the same episode, but this show did and did it well. Not either story line got the short end of the stick here. I love how these characters interact with each other. Friendships and relationships are developing each and every week.

Two of my favorites scenes this week surrounded Derek - well actually that would be three. The two scenes between Derek and Meredith - the one outside the surgery and the one outside the hospital were probably my favorite scenes of the show tonight. However, I really liked the dynamic between Derek and Addison is the one scene near the end when she asks for him back. Also did anyone else go aww when George humored Alice by laying beside her as he pretending to be her husband. That was great too. I really love this show, and I do hope it sticks around for some time to come.

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