TV Review: Real World: Austin 10/25/05

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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This week on the Real World Austin, our seven house mates are hard at work trying to get their documentary put together in some kind of rough format so they are permitted to go on their season trip. The seven do encounter some problems during this process, and at times it looks like they won't be allowed to go on their trip.

An initial cut of the fifteen minute documentary is put together by Nehemiah, and shown to their three bosses. The entire piece is almost a long form music video, and this gets a large red flag from the people they are working under. The three give them suggestions in order to improve their assembly by the next day.

They want to see more of the band member's character, and not just their music. This worries the group because they really want to go on their vacation, but they do have some work ahead of them. They have 2500 hours of material that needs to be somehow turned into a fifteen minute film showcasing the festival and the three bands.

The problem they face here is that one person in the house is the best at editing, and that person is Nehemiah. That night instead of working, he goes off to emcee a show for a friend he has made in Austin. This leaves the other house mates at a loss because they aren't too sure of what to do when it comes to editing. Melinda and Rachel try, but are not successful.

Nehemiah returns home after midnight, and goes straight to bed. He is up early that morning, and back to work on the project at 7am. He does complete his work, but when it comes time to transfer it to take it to the screening there is a software glitch that no one can figure out how to fix. They end up having to call one of their bosses to come and save the project. With the press of a few buttons, the project is transferred and ready to go to the screening.

The screening goes well for the house mates. No one hated their rough cut. In fact, they are given some good suggestions by the film society screening their assembly. Afterwards, they return home to await the answer of whether or not they did good enough to earn their trip. We quickly learn they have, and later that night they are informed of their destination. The seven house mates are headed to Costa Rica!

All in all, this episode was better than the previous two that have been aired. The house mates worked hard, and we were able to see how they handled the high pressure situation they were put under. The result worked in their favor, and we should see them off on their well deserved vacation in a future episode.

In other Real World news, it is rumored the home city for Real World's eighteenth season to be shot early next year is Detroit. Filming of the seventeenth season has been already occurring in Key West, even with one lawsuit put against the filming in that city by the house's neighbor. The case was resolved in favor of the Real World, and filming has gone on as scheduled.


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