TV Review: Lost Episode 2.05

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From ABC: Michael sets off into the jungle by himself determined to find Walt, but discovers that he is not alone. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Jin are ordered by their captors to take them to their camp, and Sun frantically searches for her missing wedding ring.

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I'll start this review of tonight's episode of Lost titled "...And Found" by saying what everyone else is saying right now or at least what they said when the previews for the next episode aired in any case - 3 WEEKS?! I know I said it. Last season, we had this happen. a few new episodes, and then weeks before the next one. I had really hoped we wouldn't have that this season, but here we go again. I can see a week off, but three? That's a bit much. Next week, we have a repeat of Adrift.

This week's episode was fairly quiet. It had two focuses - one with Sun as she discovers she has lost her wedding and the other following our three raft survivors as they move from the other bunker to the camp where our survivors have been holding up since the plane crashed. First let's talk about Sun. This episode is Sun and Jin centric, and Sun discovers she has lost her wedding ring while washing clothes with Claire. She begins to frantically search for the ring all over the island. Jack, Hurley, Locke, and Kate all find her searching, but she has no luck.

I think Locke gave her the best advice about things being found when you stop looking for them. I've found this to be the case in my own life as well. also the exchange between these two also starts quite humorously when Locke comes up to her just after she has trashed her garden in her frustration over losing the ring. He comes up to her and says, "Bad Day?" The question causes Sun to laugh, and it breaks the tense moment.

Soon after, Sun does stop looking, and this is when she does end up finding her ring. This doesn't happen before she tells Kate about the bottle of messages Claire found washed up on the beach on last week's episode. We had to know that bottle wouldn't stay a secret long. I had a feeling that would come out sooner rather than later. Sun shows Kate where she put the bottle, and Kate searches through the messages before Sun stops her. It is then Kate that spots Sun's ring in the sand. It had fallen off when she had buried the bottle.

Now what about Sun's husband Jin, Michael and Sawyer? Ana Lucia comes to the three in the bunker, and informs them that they are moving out. After questioned, Ana informs them that they are heading to the three's camp. While they are searching for food to take with them on the hike over the island, Michael escapes and goes off on his own to find Walt.

Jin decides to follow, and the tracker of the other survivor group sets off with him to help. They travel through the forest careful of the others. they do have an encounter with the others, but all we see is their feet because Jin and the tracker had hidden before they arrived. Soon after they see the others, they find Michael, and he tries to get the two to return to the other survivors, but they instead talk him into joining them again it seems. Meanwhile, Sawyer is traveling with Ana Lucia and the rest of the survivors. They have a long hike to the other camp, and Sawyer isn't looking all that good as the trek continues. He even is forced to stop, and he and Ana have a brief amusing conversation. Her asking if he was gay just made me laugh. Sawyer is the least best man on that island!

Since this episode is focused on Sun and Jin, throughout we see scenes of Sun and Jin leading up to the time they first met. This period is earlier than what we've seen of these two back story wise. Prior episodes that focused on these two showed the events leading up to them getting on the plane. Nice of them to jump back a bit in time, and show us how they met.

Some thoughts I had about this episode and what's coming ahead for Lost:

  • Did anyone else notice how small the feet were of those others? And the Teddy bear the one on the end was carrying? They looked child like. Are the others a bunch of children? Probably not. We did see adults on the boat that took Lost, but the man did say they had come for the boy when they took Walt. What do they want with children? How many children have they taken? This probably means Claire's baby still isn't safe.

  • Over on my other blog, Thoughts from the couch, I posted a link to some Lost spoilers about which of the Lost survivors are going to be killed off when the show returns in three weeks. Spoilers have said it is a female. My initial feelings went with Libby. However, the spoilers say it isn't her, Ana Lucia or Rose that gets it. There are whispers that it might be Kate, and even louder whispers that it'll be Shannon. She really hasn't been seen much this season, so that is possible. Killing off one of the newer people that haven't developed much of a stronghold or fan base is something Lost has done, but if it isn't Libby or Ana Lucia that leaves them safe. Another thought I had would have marked the third new female, Cindy, as the target, but they say at the end of the previews that it is one of these people, and she isn't shown. This will bug me for three weeks. My gut goes with Libby, but we'll just have to wait and see. Who do you think will it be?

  • The previews for the next episode show Sawyer collapsing. My theory on this happening is he gets blood poisoning after digging the bullet out on his own from his arm. The wound probably gets infected, and since he hasn't had time to really cleanse the wound or stay off his feet, it makes things worse for him.

  • This episode of Lost was okay, but not great. There really wasn't much intensity a the beginning of the season episodes, and it didn't really compare to last week's episode either. They are really teasing us with these others. I wish they would just show us them, so we know what we are dealing with. I'm sure they aren't a bunch of kids, but there are kids on the island as well. Those feet were too small to be adult. I do have to say I love seeing more of Sun on this episode. She is one of my favorites on the show, and she did well here. However, this episode felt like one big tease to me. Filler for what is to come in the future, and the biggest tease of all is that we have to wait three more weeks to find out what happens!

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    Frank Martin said...

    I love watching lost on my 42" LCD Big Screen - I went to a friends house to watch it last week and simply was not as immersed as I was at home because he didn't have surround sound and a big TV. Crazy, huh?

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    Lex said...

    I don't think the Others are ALL children; I do presume that there are SOME children -- esp. based on that teddy bear.

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