CD Review: Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

Friday, October 07, 2005

Well, its about time! Fans who had been waiting oh so impatiently for the next Fiona Apple release have no longer to wait. Extraordinary Machine was released on October 4th after nearly a three year holding pattern for the CD. A creative dispute between the artist and the record label was reported to hold back this follow-up to Fiona's sophomore effort, When the Pawn, released in 1999.

Now fans have the CD in their hands. Although leaked tracks of some of the CD's contents have been spreading around online for years. On this CD, most of these rough leaked tracks have been re-finished and redone by a new producer to make what in my opinion is a great CD. I thought it was great even when I heard the leaked tracks a year or two ago after finding them online one night.

The CD contains twelves tracks. We open with the CD's title track, Extraordinary Machine, one of the two tracks left alone during the refinishing. The CD is all Fiona and all unique. We can tell that within the first opening seconds of this first track. Fiona's lyrics speak to me, and I'm sure they will to others. She may be speaking of her own life and loves, but the experiences she writes about and sings in her music can have far reaching influences to her fans.

That is clearly obvious by the uproar they created when they learned the CD wouldn't be released. They created sites such as to get the record released by the record company. However, the truth of the matter is Fiona was also unhappy with the effort she had made, and she wasn't willing to release it either. Unhappy, she turned to another producer, and together they produced the CD we have now.

It didn't come easy however. Fiona was at a loss at what to do with the project. In fact, she had completely walked away from the record when she learned of At this point, she was content to live out of the spotlight and in her own little bubble. Once the site began to pick up momentum, it gave her the needed kick to get this record out. In fact, she credits them for doing this.

The twelve tracks on this CD bounce back and forth between several music and vocal styles, but when it comes down to it the lyrics are what pulls you in. Other memorable tracks for me include "Get him back" and "Window." These aren't the only songs enjoyable on this CD however. Each song of the twelve present on the CD are enjoyable in their own way. Another track I particularly love is "Better Version of me."

The CD is more mellow than most of the heavy hip-hop and dance music out these days. This CD can be played in the background of your day with no interruptions to your day. For fans that have been waiting many years for this CD to be released, the wait is over and I can guarantee you the fans won't be disappointed. Whether you are a Fiona Apple fan or not, this CD deserves a listen.

To check this CD out for yourself check out the following retailers: J & R or Amazon.

Songs to download: Extraordinary Machine and Window


robin said...

Oh I can't wait to buy this. Great review, thanks.

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