TV Review: Lost Episode 2.04

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

From ABC - Disturbing memories from Hurley's past cause him to struggle with a task he's assigned inside the hatch. Meanwhile Sawyer, Michael and Jin discover the identities of their captors, and Claire uncovers a shocking piece of information about the fate of the raft.

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Lost is one of those types of shows where if you look away for a moment you can miss some thing that might bear some major importance later on in the show. It might not come up for weeks, but it can and will come up. That's what makes this show so good. It has good storytelling. It might be slow, but that doesn't make Lost any less interesting. This show is building some thing, putting together a puzzle - piece by piece with each episode.

On this week's episode titled "Everybody hates Hugo" those that know about the hatch are giving certain tasks or jobs they must perform. Some are in charge of going through shifts pressing the button every 108 minutes. Sayid is sent to explore an unexplainable sound and magnetic force behind one of the hatch's walls, and Hurley is assigned to inventory the food. Since the name kind of the episode kind of gives it away - yes this is a Hurley centric episode, and as soon as he is given the job of inventorying the food probably start to pop up for him.

The first being with Charlie. When his friend asks Hurley about the hatch, he keeps quiet about it. This frustrates Charlie and he goes to find Locke - stalking him through the forest until Locke calls him out. Locke holds nothing back from the other man. He tells him all about the hatch, the button and the food that his friend Hurley is in charge of. Charlie goes back to Hurley and confronts him about the food. His one request is for a jar of peanut butter. It's for Claire.

I'm sure most of us remember the imaginary peanut butter scene from last season. Charlie and Claire shippers everywhere held onto this one scene, and still do as the moment for them and these two on the show. However, Hurley denies his friend's request, and this causes a bit of a verbal confrontation. Hurley holds his ground, and even goes to Locke about him telling Charlie. It doesn't really matter all that much that he already told someone outside the inner circle about the food. He enlisted Rose to help him do the inventory.

Because of his own past and a dream he had with an English speaking Jin, he knows that the food will change everyone. He somehow gets an idea in his mind to blow up the bunker of food, but Rose stops him in time. He then goes to Jack and tells him that there is only enough food to last one man three months on the island, so it is best to just distribute now or start to in any case. With Jack's agreement, Hurley walks through the camp and hands out food to the survivors. Yes, Charlie gets his peanut butter for Claire too! All are happy.

Now what about Jin, Sawyer and Michael? Last we saw them they were in captivity of the other survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Well, this week they are let loose from the pit they had been put and taken to where the other survivors have been holding up. One of them, a woman played by actress Cynthia Watros, tells them that twenty-three people survived from the back of the plane. However, when they arrive at what appears to possibly be another bunker on the island, we only see a handful of survivors remaining of the twenty-three.

By the end of the episode, one of them men there comes up to the three captives - well they can't leave, so technically they are still being held - and asks for Rose and if she is alive. They tell him yes, and this brings the man great joy. Is the husband she was so firm on being still alive? We haven't seen Rose since early on last season. Yet here she is, and the writers found a way to make her a part of this whole plot. Nice little twist. Same with the peanut butter reference.

Since this is a Hurley centric episode, we were taking back in flash back form to when Hurley won the lottery. We see him go in the next day and quit, His best friend also quits, and they spend that day having fun before the next day when the friend reminds him they both need to find a job. However, his friend doesn't know that Hurley won the lottery. When they go to the liquor store where Hurley bought the ticket, his friend quickly figures it out, and you can just see his face change with the realization that his friend isn't like him anymore. Now he has money. He doesn't need to find a job the next day like he does.

A small side plot on tonight's episode involved Claire. Not only did she get her peanut butter, but she also finds something while she is out walking along the beach. She sees the bottle full of messages float back onto the shore. She recognizes the bottle, and goes to Shannon with it. The two of them go to Sun with the bottle because that would mean something happened to the raft and her husband on it. They leave it to her to decide what to do with the bottle, and in the end she is burying it. Not sure why they all didn't go to Jack and the others, but I'm sure we'll know why soon.

Now there is so much I loved about this episode I don't even know where to begin. Well, the best place is to always start at the beginning. Hurley's dream sequence. We had to know it was a dream because who can open a box and find a completely cooked dinner on a plate and a banana split already made? I know how much they hyped up Jin speaking on this episode, but that fell just a bit short. So much hype for something so easily explainable. It got us interested though, and that is what matters.

I also loved the end of the episode where Hurley is handing out the food. Maybe I'm just a sap, but that also made me teary eyed. Not only the look on everyone's faces, but the look on Hurley's face. Everyone didn't hate him then. They all loved him. In the one moment, his stroke of bad luck was gone. Even if it came back, in that one moment he knew people loved him. Yes, I'm a sap, but you could tell how happy he was by the look on his face.

I am also loving the new cast additions. Ana Lucia is feisty and wonderful. Michelle Rodriguez was perfect for this role. I'm curious to see what they do with Watros as well here. I'm also enjoying the dynamic between Sawyer and Ana Lucia. Last season, we had the Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle, but now with this new girl will they push Jack and Kate together to hook up this explosive couple. The previews for next week seem to hint at some flirtation between the two. As for Kate and Jack, the looks when she came out of the shower and their playfulness while eating at the end of the episode could definitely lead to more - especially with Sawyer out of the picture.

Now with any episode of Lost, you have questions. These are some of mine:

  • What about Shannon? The last few week's she been a bit crazed, and tonight on this episode she looked perfectly fine and content. I'm trying to pinpoint if something happened that would have caused this mood shift, but I'm drawing a blank. Anyone have any ideas?

  • The bunker where the other survivors are camping out. At least it looks like another bunker. Are there more on the island? Last week, I mentioned this because they said in the video the hatch was site three. Well there seems to be another one, and that means there might be even another bunker. Is this last bunker we haven't seen yet, the campgrounds for the others that we still haven't seen?

  • What is in the hatch that has a magnetic pull? Why would they want to dig to look at it? Something with that strong of a pull can't be good.

  • I can't wait for next week, but a look ahead at the schedule shows that there is no episode for October 26th scheduled. Our first break in this show. Please tell me we will not begin the three to four weeks off for this show we experienced last season!


    Scott said...

    1) Shannon's mood could have changed because she found the dog, the one thing some one trusted her to do plus she had real food for the 1st time in over a month. Granted it's also hard to judge some one's mood when you only see them for less than a minute.

    2) I'm not entirely sure the bunkers were made by the people from the film. The new guys bunker seemed pretty bare and didn't have the amenities the other one did. Maybe someone forgot to push the button there. But I wouldn't be too surpised if Desmond shows up there next week.

    3) Jack and Sayid, being men of science want to make sence of the whole bunker mystery and what will happen if they don't hit the button, without actually not doing it to find out. The biggest lead right now would be what up with the magnetic pull.

    Did you miss that Hugo's chicken boss was the same dude who was Locke's supervisor at the box company?

    Gina said...

    Shannon, Claire and Sun haven't been on much lately. I did notice it looks like Episode 6 "Abandoned" is a Claire and/or Shannon centric episode. The promo pics show both. It really is hard to see a change in mood from the one minute. I was more going off her appearance between last week and this week.

    As for the man being the same, I did miss that! Interesting. Once again, we see how everyone is connected in some way.

    Mel said...

    Ok does anyone know what the song was called on episode 204 when Hurley was handing out the ffod to everyone?

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