TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.02

Sunday, October 02, 2005

This week the interns at Seattle Grace on Grey's Anatomy come at us with an episode titled "Enough is enough (No More Tears)." Last week, Grey's Anatomy premiered its second season with an episode in which we saw some changes in some of our favorite interns. We also learned more about Dr. Shepard's marriage, met his wife, and saw Preston Burke dump Cristina Yang.

This week's episodes opens with Meredith and Cristina in Meredith's bathroom recovering from their night out. Well, Meredith is the one that ingested one too many tequila shots. After two hours of throwing up, she tells her fellow interns that she feels empty. However, it isn't from getting sick that she feels this way. The next day Meredith returns to work to find Derek waiting for her. She tells him basically that she won't be listening to a thing that he says because he lied to her for two months. She is now a sink with an open drain, anything he has to say will just run through and out.

Once inside the hospital, the interns are busy with two separate cases. One involves a family and the person they hit in a motor vehicle accident, and the other is a man with an extremely odd and humorous bowel obstruction. The man in the one vehicle is dead on arrival, but the Nazi wants George to try to revive him anyway. The family gets out of it with mostly cuts and bruises, except for the father. He is immediately taken into surgery, but it is discovered he needs a new liver. He had even been placed on the transplant list, but his surgery hadn't been scheduled yet.

We soon learn that the father caused the accident in a case of road rage. His temper is something that is quite well known to his family. Cristina finds bruises over the wife's kidneys and the son is quite angry at his father for having beat his mother. As it turns out, the only one that is a match for the father is the son, and throughout the episode we see Isobel and Dr. Burke wanting to know if the son will give his father half his liver. Alex is assigned to the son's case, and he sticks with the boy throughout the episode. He even reveals some of his own family past with an abusive father in order to assist the boy in his decision. Izzie, as the doctor managing the father's case, also tries to talk the boy into sharing his liver with his father, but her way sounds more like a sales pitch.

The teenager does decide to go through with the procedure by the end of the episode, but he does have conditions that must be met in order for him to do it. His mother must tell the police about the real cause of the accident, and the two of them must also move it. He is taken into surgery, and the end of the episode shows Alex at his bedside.

The other case we have is handled by Meredith. A man comes in with an obstruction, what appears to be drugs, but on closer inspection it appears the man has somehow swallowed ten Judy doll heads. The doctor's have to go into remove them one by one. They never know why the man did it, but without the dolls inside him he has the same empty feeling Meredith had mentioned at the beginning of the episode. The man does offer to tell Meredith why he did it, but she passes on knowing the information.

A third minor case comes in at the end of the episode having to do with the transplant issue at Seattle Grace. George is checking one of the donors just as the transplant team arrives to take them into surgery, but they show signs of life. The doctor in charge still takes the patient, but George goes to Derek who is adamant that they run more tests. When they do, they find that the patient, a woman it appears, does have a chance of survival. A good call by George.

The cases aren't the only happenings at Seattle Grace. Lots of personal one on one action happens as well. The main story line here has to do with Webber. His wife comes home from vacation after Derek calls to tell her about Dr. Webber's brain surgery. The wife is played by guest star Loretta Devine. Seems Dr. Webber has some trouble brewing at home due to his busy schedule as Chief. She shares a moment with Dr. Burke which gives an idea of what he has to expect if he continues on with the position himself.

Derek and Meredith also share a moment or two as I mentioned earlier, but these are brief. She isn't ready to forgive him yet. Not taking him back even offers her some type of applause from Addision as well. No idea when Meredith will give in, but the looks she is giving him while watching him in surgery at the end of the episode might give us a clue. I think another few weeks, and we will see these two back together. Perhaps for sweeps in November?

George's love life is also a focus on this episode. We learn that he is still crushing on fellow intern Meredith. Once her and Derek are done, his feelings return for her. However, what about Nurse Olivia? She likes George. He likes her. However, he really likes Meredith. It isn't easy for him to admit this, but by the end of the episode he finally comes clean with the nurse.

Cristina and Burke also have a few verbal confrontations on this episode, but she hasn't told him about the baby yet. Something tells me he will find out all on his own next week. I think this week was filler for these two. Their story will continue next week.

Each week this show keeps getting better and better. The writing is wonderful, and it makes these characters come alive on the screen for the viewers. The actors also help in this. Each of the actors is extremely good. We see growth and change in the characters. Alex is starting to show more of his heart. Last season, he was a way different person than he is now. George is also changing more each week. However, his changes have been more in a professional sense. He is becoming one excellent doctor. The professional changes are also coming into the personal life as well. Now if only he could get over Meredith. One thing at a time though!

I love Sunday's at 10/9c because I know this show will be on. The medical cases go from the emotional to the bizarre, as we saw in this week's episode. We also see the doctor's interact personally each week, and this makes the show one of the best shows on television today.


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