TV Review: Grey's Anatomy Episode 2.04

Sunday, October 16, 2005

From ABC: As Cristina tries to recover, she proves to be a very difficult patient, and a visit from her mother doesn't improve her demeanor any. And Meredith's mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, has the hospital staff running in circles. Jeremiah, a cystic fibrosis patient, could benefit from Dr. Addison Shepherd's medical knowledge, but her involvement in his surgery could delay her highly anticipated departure from Seattle Grace Hospital, leaving Meredith and Derek's relationship hanging in the balance.

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If all else fails, deny deny deny. At least that's Meredith's advice when it comes to life. Actually denial is a part of all that we do. One intern at Seattle Grace is denying she lost a baby and a boyfriend, and everything is just fine. Another intern is denying she might just have a little bit of a thing for one of her fellow interns, and yet another is denying that she is jealous of the other woman in her boyfriend's life - the other woman being his wife! Oh my! Another packed episode of Grey's Anatomy comes at us, and yes it is titled "Deny, Deny, Deny."

This week's episode opens at Joe's bar once again, but no one collapses and falls to the ground this time around. Izzie, George and Meredith are having a drink, and talking about Cristina, and her apparent lack of emotion since her surgery. We see Bailey at the bar, and she is soon joined by Dr. McDreamy, and he is going on and on about his woman problems. Does Bailey care? Hah ... that would be a hell no. However, by the end of the episode, Bailey does give the doctor some love advice!

With Cristina still out of commission due to her surgery, the interns are busy with three full cases and a Dr. Ellis Grey who is driving everyone batty, especially George because he is still on babysitting detail. He doesn't like this at all because it inhibits him from working on another case, but Webber is adamant that George stays on and with Ellis as much as he can. Even by watching her like a hawk, the doctor still manages to escape from her room a couple of times, and even joins in on a diagnosis on one of the cases.

With Ellis still being a factor, we had to wonder why she was still in the hospital. Well, we discovered the answer to that question during this episode, and I so saw this coming last week when she came in. Just the way Ellis talked about Webber when she thought Burke was Webber. Anyone else recall her calling him a beautiful man? How about that little scene with Webber while she was sleeping? Well, Webber goes to find her, and when he does she lays a huge kiss on him. Now this does make things more interesting! Did these two have an affair at some point? I'm thinking the answer to that question is possibly a yes!

This week we had three cases. One of a young woman coming in and complaining of unstable heart rhythms, a young man with cystic fibrosis complaining of pain, and a third with a man that shot himself in the head or so he says. Alex gets the man with Derek, Izzie and a not able to stay down Cristina works with Burke on the young woman, and Meredith works with Bailey and Addison on the young man.

Even though Cristina is order to bed to recover from her surgery, she won't stay in bed. She keeps getting up and out, working even though she shouldn't be. Her mother comes up from Los Angeles, and this makes things even worse for her. She seems to latch onto the one case Burke is working on with Izzie, and she soon discovers that the young woman is faking it. She goes to Burke, but he says they still need to go through with what they need to. As for their relationship personally, Burke comes to Cristina a few times during the episode, and by the end, she turns to him after she finally breaks down. The loss of the baby finally hits her, and she just can't stop crying. She allows him to console her during this time.

As for the case of the young man, this patient's story was particularly heartbreaking. Bailey had been his doctor for years, and she had developed a bond with the young man. She calls in Addison to work on the case because she knows the woman has knowledge that might help save the young man. Turns into one of those damned if you, damned if you don't situations. There is a chance he'll die with or without surgery.

Asking Addison to work on the case throws a small monkey wrench into Derek's plans. He is ready for his soon to be ex-wife to leave the hospital so he can repair things with Meredith. Addison has even presented Shepard with divorce papers. Meredith still doesn't want complications because she has enough of those on our own without his help.

I think the best scenes of this show came from this story line. Meredith and Derek in the hallway for one, and then Derek and Bailey in the elevator. I am loving how Bailey is being given more air time this season. Her character just continuously seems to be growing with each episode that passes. At the end when this patient died, and she wanted to keep going my heart just broke because you could see her own heart breaking. Yes, the Nazi has a heart everyone. She couldn't always be a cold witch now could she?

As for Alex and the odd case of the week. A man has somehow shot himself in the head, but there is no blood? The bullet has somehow traveled through his head to lodge at the back of his brain. We soon find out, he was actually shot by his wife because he cheated on her! We also learn that Alex has failed his exams, and if he fails again, he will no longer be an intern. And what about Izzie and Alex? Can we say about time?! I know I am!

Once again Grey's Anatomy delivers another wonderful episode full of the right mix of medical drama and oddity with good character interactions and well written plots and story lines. The characters grow with each week that passes, and we see those same bonds that have been forming over the span of the last thirteen episodes continue to grow. Life and love in Seattle Grace Hospital is never boring! I can't wait for next week.

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