TV Review: Lost Episode 2.03

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tonight, a Locke centered episode of Lost titled "Orientation", picked up where the last two episode's left off with Jack and Desmond at a stand off over Locke. Last week, we learned that Kate was also watching the scene take place. It seems we had been frozen at this one moment the last two episodes. It was great to finally get passed this moment.

On this episode, Kate climbs down from the air shafts to join Jack and Locke with Desmond. When she hits Desmond in the back with the rifle she found, this sets him to shoot at the computer. It begins to smoke, and it looks like the computer is dead. This upsets Desmond because it appears in this situation here on the island the computer and the numbers inputted into it when the alarms go off is quite important.

Desmond tells them the story about how he got on the island. His boat crashed on the reef, and some man came running out onto the beach and led him to the hatch. The man then inputted the numbers into the computer, and when Desmond asked about it the man told him he was saving the world. Desmond joined him on this mission to save the world until the other man died. Now the job was all his. Without the computer, they can't continue, and whatever happens if the button is not pushed by the time the alarm goes off will happen. Kate mentions that Sayid can fix the computer, and the men send her back to the camp to fetch him.

Jack is skeptical of Desmond's story, but Locke believes him. Desmond tells the both of them to not take his word for it, but to look at the video. Jack pulls the video down from the shelf and they both watch it. The video covers something called The Dharma Initiative. The video tells what each two man team must do. The site on the island had originally been a laboratory, but there was an incident, and now each time the alarm sounds the button must be pushed.

Desmond tries to fix it on his own, but he blows a fuse and leaves the underground hatch. Jack soon follows leaving Locke alone in the hatch when Kate and Sayid arrive. Sayid does fix the computer, and Locke is inputting the number code when Jack arrives after a brief confrontation with Desmond in the forest. Jack gives them the correct code to input, but there is some dispute about the button and who will push it. However, Jack pushes it just before the counter is set to reach zero.

Now what about Jin, Michael and Sawyer? Michael and Sawyer reached shore at the end of last week's episode with Jin running towards them screaming. The others on the island appear, and one of them comes to where the three are on the beach, hitting them and taking them off to a hole in the ground. They are soon joined by Ana Lucia played by Michelle Rodriguez, a woman that Jack met while in the lounge of the airport before the flight took off. At first it looks like she is just another captive like them. Sawyer trusts her by showing her the gun he is carrying. However, she ends up turning on him and taking the gun. She is one of the others.

Since this is a Locke centered episode, throughout the episode we saw flashbacks of Locke's life before. We learn about his father and family. We also learn about his girlfriend, played on this episode by guest star Katey Sagal. Great choice by the way. We learn about how Locke becomes the man he is with his faith. It is because of her influence.

This episode was a battle between faith and science. Jack didn't believe Desmond's story because he is a man of science, and to him the story was impossible. Locke believed it from the first moment he heard it because he believes in faith. This show keeps giving us more questions than answers each week. If you pick up on little things it just confuses you more. Everything is linked.

  • For example, polar bears seem to keep coming up. Michael gave Walt a stuffed polar bear last week, and this week on the tape they had pictures of polar bears fighting.

  • Also what about this electro magnetic pulse on the island? What does it do if the counter reaches zero? I thought the clock had also stopped, but it had continued on while the power was out. Darn ABC for running a test that took away the audio during Lost!

  • Also on the video, they describe the location as site three. Are there other sites on the island other than the one Desmond was at?

  • What about the others? Are they the others everyone feared or are they the survivors from the back of the plane and this has turned into some sort of Lord of the flies scenario.
So many questions and not enough answers. This show keeps sucking you in deeper each week. I love this show because if you watch it over and over again new things keep popping up. I can't wait to see what comes up next week.


Scott said...

I'm pretty sure that the clock didn't stop when the power when out. Also I'm not sure if the other bunkers are on that island and may be spread across the world.

cookies=true said...

I must also jump in and point out that the clock did NOT stop. There was a clear shot of the clock (which is a simple analog device, even though connected to some sort of electronic reset/trigger) CONTINUING to flip AFTER the outage.

Gina said...

Hah I'll have to watch the end again because I thought it had. Plus, my network decided to do an emergency test right in the middle of Lost for like two minutes - I was like wait not during Lost! No matter how many times I watch these shows I always seem to find more little things that happen or confuse the heck out of me. They mean to do that to us I think.

heather said...

Ohhh I wish they would give us more answers... I really want to know what's going on!!

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