Saturday Night Movie: The Stepford Wives

Saturday, October 15, 2005

From IMDB: What does it take to become a Stepford wife, a woman perfect beyond belief? Ask the Stepford husbands, who've created this high-tech terrifying little town, in a very modern comedy-thriller.

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Okay so not your regular Saturday Night Premiere this week, but I did watch a movie tonight so I'm bringing you my thoughts on The Stepford Wives which I caught on Showtime earlier. Neither of the movies premiering tonight on HBO & Starz caught my eye.

The Step ford Wives stars Nicole Kidman as Johanna, a television executive that is always on the go, until her network fires her. In solidarity, her husband quits working for the same network, and the two move to Step ford, Connecticut - the two where everything is just perfect. Perhaps too perfect? I don't remember the original film because that was made years ago, but I did enjoy this film. It's a bit cheesy, and it doesn't take much of a brain to follow, but there are some things that I did enjoy from this film.

One of them being Johanna, Bobby, and Roger - pre change. These three together were hilarious together. I've always been a Bette Midler fan, and she does well here. I would have loved to see more of her. Christopher Walken also does well as the town leader turned robot here. He's got the creepy quality to him that fit perfectly to this role. Towards the end, when we see Walter and Johanna go down below for her to change, I was a bit upset though. I was like .... that's it? I'm glad they had that little twist at the end. I really hoped Walter didn't go through with it. Johanna's tear as they went down was a nice touch as well.

Now this film may not ever win any awards. In fact, I know it won't because it really isn't the best of movies. What really stood out to me was the relationship between the three non robots until the two are changed. This movie also shown the entrance into movies by country singing superstar Faith Hill. She really could have chosen a better role here. Her husband was seen in Friday Night Lights as an alcoholic father, and his performance was one of the highlights of an already awesome film. Hopefully, we will see her elsewhere.

also I have to wonder about Nicole Kidman. This is not the kind of film I'm used to seeing her in. I know this was followed up by Bewitched as well. I'm not used to seeing her in comedies. I'm used to seeing her in more serious roles like in The Others. Although, I do happen to think her performance in Moulin Rouge to be one of her best. So if you're looking for a few laughs and some mindless entertainment for ninety minutes, this film fits the bill. Don't expect much more than that though.

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