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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hello everyone. Just a quick note from your critic here. This will be as quick and painless as possible so we can continue on with the fun here at One Couch Critic. This is just a one woman operation, so I do my best to keep up on the shows I recap each week. I try my best to get my recaps up the same night a show airs. I have been able to do this so far, but you know something might come up and in that case the recap and review would be up the next day. This is only for new episodes. I will not re-recap repeat airings of shows. In that case, I will link that episode's recap at the end of that week's new episode recap.

Some of you that have been here for a bit now may have noticed some changes to the posts and to the side bars in recent days. I have added some links to advertising. I will try to make those as unobtrusive as possible. I've changed the links on my sidebar around a bit too. Last week, I added links to the various sites and message boards I visit on a regular basis to keep myself up to date on the show happenings off the screen.

Also over on my daily blog, Thoughts from the couch, over on Media Village, I've started a daily feature which I call Today's Buzz, my own little news and gossip column, where I cover the news buzzing that day in the entertainment and media industries. I cover the shows mentioned here as well as many others, so check that out if you get a chance. I have a link to my blog as well as a headline animator that mentions what I might have posted that day on my sidebar. Also don't forget my Media Village forums, fans of the shows of Lost, Grey's Anatomy and The OC can join me and others in discussion over on those forums! If you've missed a review of your favorite show check the technorati search box on my sidebar and plug in that show's title and the reviews from this site will come to you.

There are two more changes which will be added in as of today. Starting today, I will post the network's show synopsis at the start of each review - just so that you can get an idea about what I will cover in my show recap and review. This will be on a trial basis. If it doesn't work or you don't like it, just let me know and I will evaluate as things continue on. I'm here for my readers! If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to email me.

The second change to be implemented will be my new rating system! I'd be pondering this for awhile, and I think I have what I wanted to do in mind now. so here is how things will work. I will rate things on a scale of one to four. The ratings will be as follows:

: This (episode, movie, CD, book) was great. Kept my interest the entire time, or in the case of CD's kept me listening. Very little was flawed in it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

: This (episode, movie, CD, book) was good. Kept my interest most of the time, but there was some minor flaws in it, but I still enjoyed it. - I'll try to mention what I thought could have been improved. this will usually be in the review though.

: This (episode, movie, CD, book) was okay. Didn't keep my interest the whole way through. Found myself easily distracted.

: This (episode, movie, CD, book) was a snooze fest and not worth the time. There were major flaws. I don't see myself giving many of these, but you never know!

NOTE: This will not be posted on all my book reviews. Sometimes I write reviews for other sites, and I have to use their rating system in that case. These reviews are usually labeled.

NOTE 2: The images may also change from time to time depending on my mood and time of year, but the scale of one through four will remain the same.

One last thing before I go, this site is nearing 10,000 page loads and has had over 8,000 visitors. That is just since its opening on September 1st, 2005! I want to thank everyone that has stopped by and commented since this blog opened. I never imagined this blog would take off the way it has. I hope to be here for some time to come!


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