So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Eight Perform

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tonight we see the top eight dancers left in the competition dance for America's vote in an action packed hour long episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Just this week it was announced that the finale of this competition would air in two parts on August 9th and 16th, but we're not at the end yet. We have four more dancers we need to eliminate before we hit the finale. Tonight's show will be like last weeks. Each dancer will be performing twice with a partner. Tonight's judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Dan Karaty.

This week, the first to hit the stage is Donyelle, and she chooses Travis as her partner. For their styles they pick hip hop and quick step. For hip hop, they work with Shayne Sparks, and they do a different kind of dance in which they wear masks. The judges all comment on how the masks distract and make their dance stand out. However, the masks probably hurt them here. After a commercial break, we see Allison pick her partner out of a hat. This week that pair picks hip hop and Argentine tango to perform. First up is there tango choreographed by Alex Da Silva. These two have danced a tango before, and this time around they did okay. Nigel says Ivan does a good job.

Natalie is up next, and for her partner she picks Ryan out of the hat. For their styles, they pick contemporary and disco. Their disco routine is up first, and for this they work with Doriana Sanchez. When they take the stage, they start out great but something about the last few seconds bothered me. Ryan definitely didn't do much for either. He stayed around another week, and after seeing this performance I wanted Dimitry back. Natalie is once again amazing, but there is no chemistry between this couple. I hope Natalie isn't hurt by her partner here this week. Last up for the first round is Heidi and out of the hat she picks her cousin Benji. For their styles, they pick mambo and Broadway. First up is their Broadway routine and they work with Tyce Diorio. These two haven't danced together since their Las Vegas auditions. These two together are just amazing on stage. They are both talented, and together that talent just shines through so easily.

After a commercial break, we see our dancers start again. Donyelle and Travis work with Glenn Weiss on a quickstep routine. When they take the stage, I enjoy the two, but the judges are really harsh with these two this week. Nigel compares Travis to the gingerbread man from Shrek, and the other judges are just as bad. We might see one of these two go home this week. Next up is Allison and Ivan with a hip hop routine with Shayne Sparks. I really like their routine. It was a softer hip hop routine, and the judges compliment it. I see these two continuing on.

Natalie and Ryan are up next with a contemporary routine by Tyce Diorio. This time around Ryan shows America why he stayed on to this week. The judges have nothing but good things to say about this performance. The last dance of the night is a mambo routine by Alex Da Silva performed by Heidi and Benji. What a way to end the night. These two are just phenomenal together and apart. If they don't continue on. I would be shocked beyond belief. The judges call these two the best dance of the night.

The only problem I have with tonight's show is the lack of solo performances like we had last week. Last week, such a big deal was made about needing the solo performances to help America choose their favorite dancer, and this week all we have is partner dancing. No solo routines to speak of. How can America pick their favorites with no solo performances? This week I think we're in danger of seeing Ryan or Travis going home. The women stepped it up, but I think we might see Donyelle go home this week. We'll find out tomorrow night who America sends home!

Check below for the songs used on tonight's show.

Donyelle/Travis: London Bridge - Fergie Fergie - London Bridge - Single - London Bridge
Allison/Ivan: La Cumparsita - Orquestra Esquela de Tango
Natalie/Ryan: Turn the beat around - Vicki Sue Robinson Vicki Sue Robinson - Dance Vault Remixes: Turn the Beat Around - EP - Turn the Beat Around
Benji/Heidi: Fake Your Way To The Top - Dreamgirls C. Derricks, J. Holliday, Loretta Devine & S. Ralph - Dreamgirls - Fake Your Way to the Top
Donyelle/Travis: Dancin' Fool - Barry Manilow Barry Manilow - Scores (Songs from Copacabana and Harmony) - Dancin' Fool
Allison/Ivan: Sexy Love - Ne-Yo Ne-Yo - In My Own Words - Sexy Love
Natalie/Ryan: I Will Get There - Boyz II Men Boyz II Men - Boyz II Men: Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection - I Will Get There
Benji/Heidi: Black Mambo - Angel & The Mambokats

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