Fresh Meat Challenge Episode 7

Monday, July 10, 2006

On last week's Fresh Meat Challenge, things began to get ugly as there was no one left in the Austin to go up against Wes in exile. Now, the cast is having to choose their friends to go in, or the person they like the least. Even doing well in the competition, Tanya and Johnnie are picked to go into exile against Wes and Casey. This sets her off because even her own friends can't tell her straight out why they chose her to go into exile, when it was obvious there was a lower performing team that should have gone in. Tonya thinks Tina should have gone in with her partner.

So now on this week's episode, she goes to Wes and makes a deal with him. If she wins the next mission, she'll vote Tina into exile, and Wes will do the same. The trick is one of them wining the mission. We also get to see Linnette and Theo getting to know each other. Those are her words. This is not anything new. Flirtation and relationships have occurred before on these challenges, just like they did on Real World and Road Rules. Before the mission the next day, we see the exile members packing their bags, and this is where we see what could definitely turn into a problem if Tonya and Johnnie do have to go into exile - Tonya packed a whole lot of stuff!

For this week's mission called the Incredible Deflating Kayak, the teams will have to inflate a raft, go across a river, retrieve their flag, and then return to where they came and deflate the raft. The team with the lowest time wins. Since Theo and Chandra won the last mission, they get to pick the order, and this gives Tonya and Johnnie an advantage. Theo wants them to go later in the order because he didn't agree with them going into exile.

The first to finish the mission is Shane and Linette. Katie and her partner are next. Next up in the order are Tina and Kenny and Diem and Derrick. Coral and Evan are next up with Wes and Casey. As Coral says there is no real trick to this mission, other than being fast. Wes breaks one of the rules, and instead of starting over the two just give up. The last pair of teams up are Darrell and Aviv and Tonya and Johnnie. Tonya is looking to win a pardon from exile, but that doesn't happen. So they will go into exile against Wes and Casey. This leaves Theo and his partner to go alone.

Winning this week's mission is Shane and Linnette with a time of ten minutes and thirty seconds. Tonya goes into exile looking to beat Wes and finally send him home. Once Tonya hears just what the exile consists of she knows there is going to be a problem. That problem does end up causing them some trouble. Wes and Casey don't even solve the puzzles. Tonya and Johnnie attempt to, but they are unsuccessful. This means these two are going home. Tonya's last words to Wes are to make Tina eat dirt.


Miss Scarlet said...

Oh man, I missed it. Good thing it will repeat. I'm sick of Wes!

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