So You Think You Can Dance The Top 12

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On this week's So You Think You Can Dance, the top twelve dancers perform on stage for America's vote, so we know which three couples will go up for elimination on tomorrow night's show. This week, the series also goes from its two hour format to a one hour format. This means there is no time to fool around. Within thirty seconds, we had our first couple selecting their style. This week the honor of first up on stage went to Musa and Natalie, and they chose hip hop, a style in Musa's own element.

For this performance, they work with Dan Karaty, and they do amazing on stage in my mind. However, this week's judges didn't agree. This week judging duties go to Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Brian Friedman. Mary and Brian both have problems with the performance. However, they also say the two danced well. Something was just off with the performance. I didn't see it, but then again I am not a trained dancer.

Next up is Heidi and Ryan, and this week they will perform a cha cha. For this performance, they worked with choreographer Jean Marc Genereux, someone that Heidi is familiar with. Heidi is comfortable with the ballroom style, but Ryan is a bit stressed during rehearsals. Ryan had a little extra support with his family in the audience tonight though. This two do well. Heidi looks amazing, and Ryan is complimented by Nigel, even if he does say something is off. As a ballroom specialist, Mary Murphy compliments both dancers, and she sees nothing wrong. Brian also has nothing bad to say to the dancers, but he is able to pinpoint the something Nigel says could be missing. Ryan is too tense when he dances. Is that it?

Third up tonight is Allison and Ivan. These two have had a tough time of it in this competition, and they were in the bottom three last week. This week they picked a contemporary routine that puts them working with choreographer Tyce Diorio. This is Allison style, but Ivan picks it up quite easily. Once they hit the stage, Allison once again shows why Mary Murphy said on last week's show about her being the one with a chance to win this entire competition. I had a few problems with Ivan's performance in the early moments of it, but he picked up and these two did wonderfully. Nigel does compliment Ivan, and the couple cause Mary to cry.

Without break, we go straight to Dimitry and Ashlee. These two pick a pop as their style which puts them working with Dan Karaty. These two have no idea what pop entails, but they are willing to learn. However, with me I totally didn't feel this performance. Nigel doesn't think there is anything memorable about the performance. Mary loves the performance, but Brian has more comments for the two. He says there needed to be more with the performance.

Fifth up we have early on favorites, Martha and Travis that landed a fox trot this week. Once again, we see choreographer Jean Marc Genereux. He is quite happy with these two when working with them in rehearsals, but will they shine on stage this week? Yes, they do. Nigel is the first judge to comment, and he told the two they were fabulous, but he also has critique for them as well. Mary Murphy also has compliments for the two. First for Martha and her look, and then for the couple and their dancing. The final judge also compliments the two.

Last up tonight is Donyelle and Benji. These two have been amazing since the competition began. Will they be a hit again this week? They select Broadway as their style this week, and we once again see choreographer Tyce Diorio. In rehearsals, we see these two having a great time learning this high energy routine. These hit the stage and they are just great. Nigel tells both dancers he would be surprised if one of them didn't win. Mary Murphy calls them the best routine of the night, and Brian tells Benji he is his favorite male right now. He also tells him this after telling him that he didn't want him in the top twenty.

So who will make it to bottom this week? I think we'll see Ashlee and Dimitry there, but as for who will join them it is anyone's guess. Who are your favorites America? I loved Allison tonight. Her performance was just amazing, but so was Heidi's. On the male side, my favorite here is Benji, but I do see the growth in Ivan and Ryan too. I really think this might be the end of the road for Ashlee and Dimitry though. Check back tomorrow night for my thoughts on this week's eliminations.

The songs used on tonight's show are as follows:

Musa/Natalie: Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado (Featuring Timbaland) Promiscuous (Featuring Timbaland)
Heidi/Ryan: Sex Bomb - Tom Jones
Allison/Ivan: Why - Annie Lennox Annie Lennox - Diva - Why
Ashlee/Dimitry: Let me Rihanna Rihanna - Music of the Sun - Let Me
Martha/Travis Witchcraft - Steve Tyrell Steve Tyrell - The Songs of Sinatra - Witchcraft
Donyelle/Benji: You Can't Stop The Beat - Hairspray Original Cast - Broadway Today - You Can't Stop The Beat


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