Getting Ready For Fall!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Premiere dates have begun being announced in the last few weeks for the networks. The only network yet to announce its premiere dates for the Fall 2006 television is CBS. That is still a week or two away. If you had been following my entertainment news blog over at Media Village, Thoughts From The Couch, you might have caught these dates already. If you didn't, here the links to them below!

NBC Fall Premiere Dates
ABC Fall Premiere Dates
The CW Fall Premiere Dates
Fox Fall Premiere Dates

CBS has yet to announce premiere dates for its network.

So what series am I thinking about covering when fall hits? This is a tentative schedule as of now. These might change.

Monday Night: Vanished (August 21st) - possibly Heroes (September 25th)
Tuesday Night: Dancing With The Stars (September 12th), American Idol (January)
Wednesday Night: Dancing With The Stars (results), Bones (August 30th), Lost (October 4th) - possibly Daybreak (November 15th), American Idol (January)
Thursday Night: Grey's Anatomy (September 21st), ER (September 21st), Supernatural (September 28th) - possibly The O.C. (November 2nd)
Sunday Night: The L Word (Spring 2007)

Other possibilities are Ugly Betty, Ghost Whisperer and Brothers & Sisters. As for The O.C., I covered season three on this site, and I would love to cover season four. Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural are in the same time slot, and they do premiere first in the season. I am looking for a way to cover all three. My DVR only allows me to watch and record two shows at the same time. I know some let you record two and watch another, but mine doesn't do that. We'll have to see what happens when it gets closer to November 2nd.


Dramedy Girl said...

I'm having to make my decisions to on what to cover at Fluff. I wish the DVR recorded as much as you wanted, but I guess the only thing standing between me drooling in front of the TV and having a quasi life is that two show rule. :o)

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