Fresh Meat Challenge: Episode 10

Monday, July 31, 2006

On last week's episode of the Fresh Meat Challenge, we saw one team go down with injuries, Evan and Coral. Evan had suffered an injury early on in the season. Even with the hernia, he is determined to stay in the competition. Coral popped her knee out, but she is also determined to continue on as well. She returns to the house after he knee is popped back in, but she is in on crutches. Will these two be allowed to continue on in the competition? They want to, but will they be able to?

The next morning we see some of the newer additions to challenge play discuss the game and how it is progressing. As things go on, we see the teams head off to compete. However, before they do we get a shocking announcement by host T.J. Lavin. Coral and Evan are being told they are no longer allowed to compete. Their injuries are just to great for them to do so. This shocks everyone, including Evan and Coral. This team leaving opens up things wide open as far as this competition goes. Anyone can win now. Coral and Evan were in the lead and the top team there. Nothing changes in the competition, except for the number of teams going into the final competition. Instead of four, we will see three. All three teams will see money made.

Today's mission is called Batten down the hatches. The two have to climb down ladders, somehow trade with their partner and then climb back their partner's ladder and go back to the point they started. The first team up is Wes and Casey, and they are eliminated. Tina and Kenny are next, and they successfully complete the mission. After these two go we see some discussion between Tina and Wes about getting some teams into exile other than them, we see the challenge continue. However, in a shocker Derrick and Diem have the lowest time and win the challenge. This means they get to choose who goes into exile this time around.

Derrick decides to go with a strategic move, and he talks Diem into selecting Shane and Linette to go into exile. Diem and Linnette are friends, and the decision hurts and angers Linnette. Everyone is shocked to see these two go in. Now who will meet them in exile? Wes wants everyone to join him in voting for Theo and his partner.

However, this plan backfires. After Darrell votes Wes and Casey in, he goes ahead and votes Tina and Kenny in, against their plan. Tina and Kenny return the favor. Theo and his partner also vote for Wes and Casey. This means we will see Wes and Casey go against Shane and Linette in exile. That is unless one of the teams can win the next challenge. We'll have to wait and see what happens next week!


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