RW/RR Fresh Meat Challenge: Episode 6

Monday, July 03, 2006

On last week's Fresh Meat Challenge, we saw Wes and Casey defeat Johanna and her partner to send them home. This means that Wes has sent his best friend, his best friend's fiance and his own girlfriend home because of they all being from the most recent cast of the Real World in Austin. The rest of the veterans have it out for them. Wes will be sent home unless he is able to continue to win in exile. As one of the team members, Wes sending home his own girlfriend has opened up this game to get really ugly.

Tonight's episode opens with Tonya talking to her partner Johnnie. These two are having problems working as a couple. Wes is also talking to Johanna back at home. The next morning we see an opportunity for the rest of the team to take the lead . Evan, Coral's partner, has an injury that might cause him the need to forfeit. For now though, that team is still in the lead for the next mission, Crossing Paths. Each team must crawl from each end of a rope, and then crawl over their partner to reach the other side. Evan and Coral make the order, and they send Derrick and his partner across first. Unlike prevision missions where the first couple has trouble, they make it.

Shane and Lynnette are next, and they fall from the rope. Tonya and Johnnie follow them, and they dominate in this competition. Darrell's partner Aviv falls to the water after Darrell makes it across. The next couple up is possibly headed to exile if they don't perform well. However, Tina and Kenny make it across and are followed by Wes and Casey. Casey falls to the water. It doesn't matter if she makes it across, they know they are going into exile anyway. Four of the couples don't make it. We also have a new leader with the winner of this competition, Theo and Chandra.

This means they get to choose who is next to go into exile, and instead of automatically naming Wes and Casey as others have done, they actually think about who to put in. They don't automatically go for the easy pick. However, after thinking about it, they go ahead and pick Wes and Casey. Now we get to see what the others do when they have no Austin folks to vote into exile to go against Wes. The veterans need to vote against their friends.

A vote goes on, and Tonya and Johnnie are voted to go into exile. These two are not one of the worst of the veterans. Based on merit, Tina and Kenny should have gone in. However, by picking Tonya and her partner, the team has pissed her off. She is now more than likely a ticking time bomb. We'll have to wait and see what happens. With Coral and Evan coming in second, they can even be voted into exile now. We'll have to see next week's episode.


Miss Scarlet said...

Wes is horrible. He is so unlikable and I hope someone sends him home asap!

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