Fresh Meat Challenge: Episode 8

Monday, July 17, 2006

On last week's Fresh Meat Challenge, we saw Wes once again come out victorious from exile as he sent Tonya and Johnnie. It is starting to get down to the wire, and Wes next has his eye set on Tina. He seems to be unbeatable as each week he goes into exile and each week he returns to the house after sending his competitor home. This done with his even having the worst partner in the competition. Casey is a great person, but she has the least amount of skill of everyone in the competition. Yet, somehow Wes continues to win.

This week the episode starts out with some strategizing between two of the teams. Tina and Kenny talk about what they plan to do. They know they are set to go into exile next, so they plan to just continue moving forward and do what they can. Coral and Evan also discuss their strategy, and his hernia is also causing Evan more concern. He is in danger of going home from injury, but Coral has coming in first in the next challenge on her mind.

The next day, after some fun among the competitors as they wrestle, we see the teams end up at the Sea World Australia for their next challenge, Swimming with Sharks. For this mission, the teams will be jumping in relay style into Shark Bay to find puzzle pieces. Once they have the puzzle pieces, they have to solve the puzzle. This time around Shane and Linnette choose the order and they send in Wes and Casey first, just in case the sharks are hungry. They run out of time are eliminated. Shane and Linnette go next, and they solve the puzzle in time.

Tina and Kenny follow them, and he has a bit of a speed issue swimming. This gets these two eliminated. Derrick and Diem are next. These two have done well in the competition so far. However, they are eliminated here. Darrell and Avia follow, and they also complete the mission. Katie and Eric are the next team to go, but due to Katie's fear of sharks they are eliminated. Theo and Chanda complete the mission next, and Coral and Evan are up last.

These two are fishes in the water, but Coral has a problem breathing. This gets them eliminated. Shane and Linnette once again win the competition. Instead of picking Wes and Casey for exile, these two select based on performance. Their pick is Eric and Katie. This puts the rest of the competitors to select another pair to go in.

Tina and Kenny are on the chopping block, and everyone votes them except for Tina. This means Wes and Casey aren't going into exile this time around. Eric and Katie will meat Tina and Kenny in exile unless they win the pardon. If someone gets pardoned on next week's show, Wes and Casey will go in. Tina is quite upset with her partner for voting themselves in. Will this effect how they do in the next mission? We'll have to see next week.


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