Fresh Meat Challenge Episode 9

Monday, July 24, 2006

On last week's Fresh Meat Challenge, we saw Wes and Casey not voted into exile for the first time in this competition. Going into exile this week will be Katie and Eric and Kenny and Tina. The only way to avoid exile is to win this week's challenge. In a shocking development, Kenny even votes for him and Tina to go into exile. This sets Tina off, but his logic is no matter if he voted for Wes and Casey it wouldn't have mattered anyway because they were still going to go into exile. Wes is fully aware that if one of the couples wins a pardon, they will be back in exile.

This week, we see some partying the night before and some collaboration between Katie and Eric with Wes. He decides to go to that couple and tell them just what to expect in exile. He wants them to win exile and send Tina and Kenny home. With Katie and Eric coming back, the two with Wes and Casey will definitely have an edge on the competition. Wes is now wanting to rid the competition of the best teams.

That days challenge is called Human Ox Pull. The challenge consists of the teams of pulling a huge sled of hay one hundred meters. Each sled holds eight hundred and pounds. This will definitely be difficult, and you have to wonder how Evan will do with his hernia injury. The teams are then divided into two larger teams for the first part of the challenge. Those two teams will each pull their own sled of hay. The two teams are neck and neck by midway through the first heat. However, Theo and Chondra's team pulls it out. Shane and Linnette's team comes in second. Evan also appears to have injured himself. Not only that, but Coral has dislocated her knee in the process. Both are going to the hospital. Coral doesn't even have any idea that Evan is injured.

The next part of the mission consists of the pairs pulling an empty sled. The person with the lowest time win the challenge, and Tina and Kenny are still in it. Kenny pretty much states if they get pardoned he will vote Casey and Wes into exile for telling Katie and Eric all about it. However, Darrell and Aviv win this challenge. This means Katie and Eric and Tina and Kenny are definitely heading to exile. As for Evan and Coral at the hospital, Evan is told by a doctor that the game for him is over, but whether or not Evan will listen is another story.

In exile, Katie and Eric have 216 pounds to carry and Tina and Kenny have 164 pounds to carry. Tina and Kenny get a bit of a head start on the other pair. Even with Katie and Eric having more to carry, Tina complains constantly about the weight she is carrying. They reach the first puzzle and drop their bags. Even with Kenny having to go back to get their flags, the two are able to pull out a wind. These are all the first set of couples to solve both puzzles. Tina and Kenny get to return to the house, and Katie and Eric are set to go home.

Back at the house, Wes is both shocked and sad to see his plan foiled. Coral is still injured, and she is sent to another hospital. She is still determined to stay in the game, as is Evan. However, will they to be forced to leave the competition by the powers to be? We will have to wait and see next week.


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