So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Eliminations

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last night, we saw the top twenty paired up and dance together for the first time for America's votes. We had some great performances, and some okay performances. We saw partners that were saved by fantastic performances by their partners. Now, we need to see which couples America voted the least for, and then we need to see those six dancers dance for their lives as they perform solos to keep their spots in the competition.

Tonight's show opened up with a group performance choreographed by Brian Friedman. He did an amazing routine for them, and they all looked amazing. Afterwards, we took a look back at what happened on last night's show as we review the performances and the judges comments. After a commercial, we returned to find out just who made the bottom three. Cat Deeley first called up the two couples that performed hip hop. We learn that Benji and Donyelle are safe. Even though Dmitri and Joy didn't impress the judges, they were also safe.

Next up, we learned about our ballroom performing couples. First, we learn that Ryan and Heidi are safe. However, the first couple to make the bottom three are Stanislav and his partner Erin. Cat Deeley asks Mary about the vote, and she says the couple should have made the top three and not the bottom three. Both our contemporary couples are also safe. Our next couple to hit the bottom three are Allison and Ivan.

The last two couples up are our disco couples, Ben and Ashlee and Jessica and Jaymes. Which of these two would make the bottom three? The one with the most problems last night were Ben and Ashlee. However, America votes enough to keep them safe. It is Jessica and Jaymes that need to perform solos with the others. I'm not sure how that was even possible. I never imagined seeing Jessica and Jaymes having to dance for their lives tonight.

After another commercial break, we saw our first three dance for their lives. All three danced in their own styles, and they all looked great. I loved how free Allison looked. She went on without any set choreography. She just danced, and she looked great doing it. Stanislav did a little latin number that also looked good. The next three perform their solos, and they make it hard for me to choose. Out of the men, my least favorite performance was Ivan. I think all three girls did well, so it is hard to choose between for me. Afterwards, the judges must decide while we see Nelly Furtado perform her current single with Timberland.

Another commercial break and then it comes time to announce which of the females is going home tonight. Allison is first brought forward, and she is safe. Her partner let her down last night. Going home this week on the girl's side is Erin. After one last commercial, we learn which of the men is going home tonight. Based on last night's performance and tonight's solo my pick would have been Ivan. Jaymz comes up first, and he is safe. This leaves Stanislav and Ivan. Stanislav is told he needs to improve his solo performances and allow them to show his personality more. Ivan is told he let his partner down, but it is Stanislav that is going home tonight. This is absolutely shocking because his performance was one of the better ones last night. I really think Ivan should have been the one to go home. Who will go home last week?

Solo songs:

Erin: Gotta Get Through This Daniel Bedingfield Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This - Gotta Get Thru This
Stanislav: Shing-a-tin-tin Tito Puente
Allison: Wild Horses Natasha Bedingfield Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten - Wild Horses
Ivan: Ready Black Rob Black Rob - The Black Rob Report - Ready
Jessica: Dancing Elisa Elisa - Then Comes the Sun - Dancing
Jaymz All That I've Got The Used The Used - In Love and Death - All That I've Got


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